5 Fun Games To Add To Your Next Backyard Gathering

wooden block games

Backyard gatherings are often some of the most memorable get-togethers. Cherishing time with friends and family is fantastic in and of itself; combining this with great food and drinks, you’re already at an all-time high. However, you can do additional things to make your best backyard gathering even more fun. 

By introducing lawn games, you up the fun by incorporating friendly competition and opportunities for laughs as you all fumble through the process. There are many games to consider, from cornhole to ring toss. Adults and children can participate in the fun of playing with oversized game pieces in a welcoming backyard setting. 

You can play backyard bowling, checkers, and much more. Here, we’ll dive into five fun games you can add to your next backyard gathering, including wooden block games that are fun for the whole family. Continue reading to learn about the games that will up the fun at your event. 

1.Trying wooden block games 

If you thought playing with blocks was only for toddlers, you thought wrong! For your next outdoor event, try wooden block games with giant blocks you can build towers and structures with. You can even find giant blocks that are puzzle-piece oriented so that you can create a giant puzzle as a bonus activity after your wooden block games. Some even reach beyond 3 feet! The best part is that these pieces are portable and can be taken with you to other outdoor gatherings, providing you with added convenience. 

2. Lawn Bowling Games

Have fun with a game of lawn bowling using oversized wooden pins and wooden bowling balls. You can even play this game in the sand if you have a get-together at the beach. As with your wooden block games, consider lawn bowling made from durable wood so that your outdoor games last forever. 

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3. Washer Toss Games 

Enjoy the classic game of washer toss outside. With newer versions, you can find the game with a center point target to make play even more exciting. Using acacia wood reduces the game’s noise, making it even more enjoyable. Washer toss is an excellent game for all ages because it’s simple. Just make a wringer, and you win!

4. Dominos Outdoor Play

Playing with Dominos as a kid was great, but now you can take it outside with giant, stained wooden pieces with the same durability as wooden block games. Whether you play the game traditionally or are just looking forward to knocking them down, you can enjoy this oversized version of a classic game. 

5. Bocce Ball Games

Bocce ball is another outdoor game to entertain your guests with. Using resin balls and one resin Pallino, you get the durability you need to play a fun game of bocce ball every time. 

Having Fun With Backyard Games 

Whether you’re looking to entertain your kids at your barbeque or complete a family-fun activity, the above five games will suit your needs. Join the fun and make your next event the best yet.

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