5 Signs It’s The Perfect Time For Upgrading to VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

When you’re launching your first website, shared hosting it’s one of the best solutions. However, your digital presence will grow after a while and these resources won’t be enough to cover your needs. Also, you might own an eCommerce store or another similar business. 

In this case, you need to get more space and computing power to provide the best experience for visitors. The good news is that it will be possible when you select a VPS plan. Here are 5 signs that indicate now it’s the right moment for the same upgrade!

1.Your website is too slow

Nowadays, everyone has expectations related to performance and speed. People want to see your website content in 3 seconds or less. If the pages take more time to show, this event will lead to a huge bounce rate. You’ll also risk your reputation, because serious companies know about the importance of the loading times.

Make a few tests to see what is the current performance, then consider a VPS if the website doesn’t load quickly. The virtualized environment is like a smaller dedicated server, so you will get more CPU, RAM memory, disk space and a powerful processor. All of these resources guarantee fast time responses, preventing slowdowns and downtime. Since it is very affordable, most beginners opt for this hosting alternative.

2.You get too much traffic for your resources

Do you have a strict bandwidth in your hosting plan? If that’s the case, more traffic will lead to additional monthly costs. Shared hosting is suitable for blogs, portfolios and other websites expecting low traffic. When you invest big budgets in the marketing or anticipate certain pages going viral, it would be wise to use a VPS. 

The new plan will provide better flexibility, as well as scalability. All you have to do is go to your panel and ask for more power when needed. This way, you’re able to deal with high levels of traffic and can adapt to any situation.

4.Security is a priority

No hosting platform is 100% secure, regardless of the plan you’re choosing. On the other hand, a VPS is much better than shared hosting when it comes to this aspect. As your site gets known, you will have to be more careful with malware and viruses. With a shared hosting plan, it’s much more likely to experience issues. This happens because the resources are divided between multiple customers. When you rent a VPS, the part you’re getting will be yours entirely and your website becomes isolated from others. To get the best results, ask your provider about additional security measures. Having DDoS protection and automatic backups will ensure your site won’t be too affected by cyber attacks.

5.You want full root access

Shared servers have many restrictions, since their prices will be considered cheap by everyone. A VPS requires an additional investment, so you’ll get better hosting for your money. These plans include an operating system such as Linux and full root access. In other words, you’re able to do customizations and have multiple possibilities in your business. For instance, you might set up your own VoIP system or do things that weren’t possible before.


A VPS comes with dedicated resources, meaning you have full use of what’s in your package. Even if you can start a website with shared hosting, this upgrade will become necessary when the above signs are familiar. If you have the technical skills to manage a VPS and want to try out this solution, you can find on Host-World.com a plan that’s still affordable for any budget.


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