5 Tips on Installing a Concrete Walkway for New Homeowners

Installing a Concrete Walkway for New Homeowners

It’s always fun moving into a new home and making it all your own. One of the ways to truly make your home yours is by upgrading your walkway to a concrete walkway. 

Depending on where you live this will make it easier to shovel snow, and it will look nice no matter what your landscape is.

Keep reading to learn our five tips for installing a concrete walkway for new homeowners.

  1. Overbuild Your Frame

No one’s ever said something looked too sturdy, or too strong to hold something. When it comes to construction the stronger the base, the longer it will last. 

Use one and a half-inch thick boards to ensure it’s strong enough to hold the concrete to form, and built to last for years. Be sure to place your stakes no more than three feet apart to ensure there’s enough support in your frame. If the forms end up extending below the ground be sure to pack soil against them to hold in place.

  1. Create Smooth Curves

Depending on how you want your concrete walkway design to look, you may need to incorporate curves into them. The best way to create smooth curves is by using a hardboard.

Hardboard is not expensive, so it’ll be easy on your concrete walkway budget, and it’s also easier to bend and flex into curves that look natural. When setting these up just remember that when the hardboard comes in contact with water it absorbed it and will create a wavy look. If rain is forecasted before you finish your work always cover the wood up.

  1. Get Help From Others
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If you think you can create your concrete walkway by yourself, think again. You absolutely need help from other people to lighten the workload and ensure the best results.

Sometimes concrete hardens faster than you can work alone, starting to set within 24-48 hours. That’s why you need someone to help you so you can speed up the work while making sure the quality after the project is going to be good.

  1. Order More Materials Than You Think You Need

When preparing for walkway installation it’s important to order more than enough material. The time to find out you don’t have enough materials is not when you’re halfway through pouring the concrete. Calculate how much you need, then order a bit extra to be safe.

  1. Hire an Expert

Honestly, the best tip we have for you is to hire a concrete contractor to install your concrete walkway for you. Hiring walkway contractors is the best way to ensure your walkway turns out perfect and will last for years.

Enjoy Your New Concrete Walkway Today

Now that you know our five tips for installing a concrete walkway, get started today! Remember to plan out your walkway before building your frame, and if you’re having trouble, turn to a professional for help.

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