6 of the best must-read new books

In today’s time, when all people’s lives are hectic, books offer a much-needed respite. The relaxation, comfort, and solace that a book can provide cannot be attained by any other means. Also, books are considered the gateways to places that are available in our imaginations always. (Xanax) Such books are famous for their mythical creatures, full of magic, and fantastical lands.

In history, there have been books that have impacted humans significantly and changed life courses forever. If you have not read many books until now but want to find and read the best latest books, then do not waste your time. Rather than looking anywhere to find books, you should read this article.

1.The Maverick Maharaja

The Maverick Maharaja highlights the story of the maharaja of Mysore, beautifully negotiated, exploring the adventures of royalty. Wildlife conservation, philately, philosophy, music, photography, and all converged statesmanship in his consciousness.

2.Tata’s Leadership Experiment

The book, named Tata’s Leadership Experiment, consists of the story of the three TAS officers, Bharat Wakhlu, Sonu Bhasin, and Mukund Rajan. All three come together to find the answers to many pertinent questions. As it depends upon extensive research and the brief interview with the TAS officers and former officers, this book gives a fascinating account of the ambitious leadership experiment.


Ananda: Happiness Without Reason makes insightful points about discovering and finding happiness and is beautifully described in words in the form of this book. The author of this book, Acharya Prashant, shatters all misconceptions about the happiness that consists of misleading cliches and helps you find inner peace.

4.Leading with Heart

In the age where experts say that there is a right and wrong way of doing everything, leaders are desperate to explore the magic formula of success. The executive and the seasoned coaches, John Baird and Edward Sullivan searched for the combined ideal with their own experience or their clients to the expected behaviours, lessons, and tactics that could provide insights.

Leading with Heart creates a leadership game plan that is authentic and brings the best life around you. 

5.Breath In, Breath Out

In the book Breath In, Breath Out, the author Stuart Sandeman takes the journey to explore the hidden power inside you in which you can change the way in which you think and feel. The grounded research, accessible exercises, and development consist of years of practice. It will help you to identify and believe in yourself, manage stress and pain, sleep soundly, deepen the connection with yourself and others, develop more focus and improve your performance in any field.social emotional learning books

6.The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

If you have not read this book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, then it means you are missing the reading of one of the best-selling leadership books. On the other hand, if you have already read the previous version of the book, then you will love this extended and updated version. Every leadership law has been updated in this book and has been recreated as the extended version of the leadership story book. This book is written but a recognized the leadership expert, author, and speaker.


This article covers the information on the top 6 books that are recommended to people that they should read once in their life. Get them today!

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