6 Reasons Why You Should Do an Appropriate Domain Search

6 Reasons Why You Should Do an Appropriate Domain Search

A domain name has a lot of significance in digital marketing, for it promotes your brand or product. Choosing a domain that represents your product or service and brand requires you to consider various aspects. Singapore is a hub of international business activities. If you have customers in Singapore or wish to start an online business, you need a website to attract local visitors. Choosing a domain name with .sg extension can help you.  Using a domain search tool, you can find the best possible domain name for your website.  

With more than two billion websites on the Internet, it is not easy to find a domain name for your website. In addition, a domain name is one among the most important factors to attract visitors to your website. You need to put some effort to find out a domain name. To help you, here are some ways to find out the most suitable domain name for your website. 

Use a domain name search tool

It is worth spending time and effort to find the best name for your domain. You can think deeply to have some best domain name ideas and find their availability on the domain name search tool, which gives comprehensive information about domain registration worldwide. This includes ccTLDs, gTLDs, and new gTLDs, and also cover the accurate domain name requested, as well as the list of other domain names related to your search.

Select easy-to-pronounce short names

While choosing a domain name for your website, choose short, simple and memorable names. When you select a short name with seven letters, it is easy to remember, and it is said that seven letters are popular. Furthermore, the names you choose must be easily pronounceable and are commonly used. 

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Always use keywords that are related to your business or service

Using the right keywords in your domain name is the best way to attract visitors to your website. Such websites are SEO friendly and have more chances of visibility and SEO optimization. It is also advisable no to use generic phrases or keywords because they are difficult to remember.    

Select the right domain extension based on your geographical position

If you want to attract local customers and visitors, it is advisable to choose the right domain extension that shows your country code. For instance, the website which targets Singapore audience, can use extensions like ‘.com.sg’, ‘.sg’, or ‘com’.   A ‘.com’ extension is very popular all across the world regardless of the geographical position. Some other popular options are .net, .org and .co. 

Do not use trademarks 

Avoid using names that infringe trademark names. This will help you avoid any legal consequences later. It is a trademark infringement if your domain looks similar to another website or brand name.  

Select brand-specific domain names

Your domain name should reflect your business or service. Create a brand-specific domain that is descriptive or emotive to make customers identify your brand and visit your website. Most importantly, avoid using hyphens and numbers. 

You can stand out from other websites by choosing a domain that reflects your company, product, or service.

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