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Top 5 Yamaha Boat dealers In Brisbane. Once in your life, you must have set your heart on Vin Diesel’s venturesome boat stunts. Awestruck and dumbfound, somewhere in the corner of your heart, you also want to enjoy your long-lost freedom on an extravagant, lavishly designed boat under the gigantic sky of Australia, girdling with pink, purple, and orange colours. 

When it comes to quality, we trust none other than Brisbane Yamaha. With its prowess in outboard making since 1960, Yamaha has become a household name. Brisbane Yamaha has recently been announced as the best Brisbane boat dealer by Previous Magazine, click here to read more. Yamaha is well known for its engine designs and performance. Even in the used boat market, Yamaha outboards and boat sold by Brisbane Yamaha holds value for years.

However, when buying big-budgeted worldly goods, you must only trust dealerships that have been engaged in this affair for years. Here are Top 5 well-established boat dealers of Brisbane, Yamaha. 

  1. Gold Cold Coast Boating Center
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Situated in the heart of Queensland, the Gold cold coast boating centre is an authorized Yamaha dealership centre and the one-stop solution for all your boat-related queries. Whether you’re a newbie in the sphere of boats or have become a maestro with multiple purchases of boats, Gold Cold coast Boating Center goes an extra mile in lending you a helping hand in your purchase.

  • Do they deal only in new boats?

The answer is No. Gold Cold Coast Boating Center deals in a variety of new and pre-used boats. They also provide you with various boat accessories. With expertise in this field for 15 years, they guide you about the boat packages, onboards, and the best safety equipment for your boat. 

  • How can you reach them?
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They have 3 massive showrooms spread over a huge area in Queensland. Situated on the outskirts of Burleigh Heads, they expeditiously provide services in Brisbane. Their official address is 64 Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads. You can also catch them at many boat shows like Brisbane boat shows etc. 

2. Brisbane Yamaha

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Brisbane Yamaha is Australia’s largest marine dealer of Yamaha boats. They have high-quality, affordable onboards ranging from family boats to offshore fishing boats. Their eminent team advises you in stocking up the right boat for yourself. 

  • Other services

Apart from being Yamaha’s largest dealer, Brisbane Yamaha leads selling pre-used boats, polycraft polyethene boats, used onboards, Yellowfin, and Baysport boats.  

  • Do they offer insurance services?

Yamaha Marine insurance is the best choice when it comes to ensuring your boats and outboards. They provide genuine Yamaha parts along with a replacement option of 3 years. Thus, if you are budget conscious, you must consult Brisbane Yamaha.

3.  Stones Corner Marine

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Stones corner marine is an established name in marine boats and outboards since the year 1988. Apart from Yamaha, they also deal in high-quality boats of Sea Jay and Bar Crusher. Experience-wise, Stones Corner Marine is a good choice if you are looking for multiple brands of boats.

  • What products do they deal in?

a) Trailers

Trailers play an important part in your boat packages. Stones Corner Marine has an edge in manufacturing galvanized steel and aluminium trailers. 

b) Electronics

Marine boats are not all about onboards and trailers. At Stones Corner Marine, you get fantastic up-to-date technology from fishfinders, GPS, marine radios, and stereos to electric motors and speakers. They have inbuilt software upgrades so that you don’t fall behind!

c) Accessories

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Right from the boat accessories like seats, pumps, oils, sealants, lubricants to outboard accessories like fuel filters, outboard hydrofoils, supports, etc., Stones Corner Marine are the jack of all trades!

4. Yacht and Boat

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Apart from selling the latest Yamaha boats and outboards, Yacht and Boat is an ideal place for boat enthusiasts as you can feed your brain with the latest news, boat reviews, tidbits of the marine dealership industry.

  • How are they different?

Apart from used and new boats, Yacht and Boat offer boat engines and motors, and they also allow you to send your customized boat email to them, and they inform you when it is out in the market. 

5. Tradeaboat

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Also known as “THE ULTIMATE BOAT MARKET PLACE”, at Tradeboat, you can not only fulfil your desire of purchasing a boat, but you can also sell your old boat by posting a perfect ad on their site. You can choose the type of ad you want to put for your boat from the available plans.  They have a separate “Help and FAQ section to aid you as a buyer or seller. 

  • What other brands do they deal in?

Being the top 5 Yamaha boat dealers, Tradeaboat also deals in brands like Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, Volvo Penta, Yanmar and provides you myriad options in marine accessories, engines, trailers, and marine parts.

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