Breckie Hill Age, Birthday, Net Worth, and Love Life

Breckie Hill Age

American model and social media influencer, Breckie Hill became famous with her TikTok videos. Her sizzling photos on Instagram are immensely popular and she looks equally captivating in all of them. Hence, it is natural for her followers to feel intrigued to know Breckie Hill age, her dating life, and lifestyle. So, in this article, we will explore the professional and personal life of the young entertainer.

Breckie Hill bio

Full Name Breckie Hill
Occupation Instagram Influencer, TikToker, Model, Content Creator
Date of Birth 18 April 2003
Age 20 years 11 months
Place of Birth Edina, Minnesota, the US
Place of Residence Los Angeles, California, the United States
School Edina High School
College Gustavus Adolphus College
Relationship Status Single
Weight 50 kg (approx.)
Height 165 centimetres/ 5 feet 5 inches
Zodiac Sign Aries
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Breckie Hill Net Worth $600,000

Early life

Breckie Hill was born in Minnesota on April 18, 2003. So, Breckie Hill age is 20 years, and she will soon be 21 years old in April 2024. While the names of her parents are unknown, as per sources, she comes from a well-settled family. Her father is a prosperous businessman, and her mother is a housewife.

Hill spent her childhood in Minnesota’s Edina and was a student at the esteemed Edina High School. After completing her schooling, Beckie went to pursue higher education at a reputed institution, Gustavus Adolphus College.

Breckie Hill boyfriend

Hill likes to give her social media followers a glimpse of her life. However, when it comes to her dating life, she has never disclosed any details about her amorous partner(s).

Once she shot a TikTok video in which she wore Paul David Skenes’ shirt. In Aug 2023, Hill playfully dropped hints during a podcast that she was involved with the famed baseball player. Paul Davis was in a serious relationship with Livvy Dunne at that time. So, he too remained silent on the dating rumors.

The net worth of Breckie Hill

Beyond Hill’s enchanting persona, many youngsters are curious to know her financial status. As of 2024, Breckie Hill net worth is estimated to be $600,000.

Hill accumulated this amount from diverse sources like brand endorsements, collaborations, and modeling gigs. She has partnered with well-known activewear and swimwear brands. Her YouTube channel also contributes to her total net worth. So, it goes beyond saying that Hill enjoys a lavish lifestyle in her Los Angeles home. She also likes to spend money on expensive jewelry and fashionable dresses.

Breckie Hill the TikTok star

Breckie Hill began her career in the entertainment industry by sharing dance videos and lip syncs on TikTok. She quickly became popular on this platform because of her engaging and unique content and killer expressions.

Breckie is also extremely gorgeous with her long hair, slender figure, and pretty face. So, her videos on TikTok started getting millions of views. As she came into the limelight, she understood that she should take her social media career seriously.

Fame on Instagram

Breckie Hill is active on Instagram where she has 2 million followers. Other than posting her photos in sexy outfits, she also endorses leading brands on her Instagram. Nail Reformation, Cameeli, and Boutine LA are some of the top brands she has worked with.

Facts about Breckie Hill

Now let’s discover interesting facts about the 20-year-old social media influencer:

  • Breckie Hill has a bubbly and charming personality that makes her even more attractive
  • She is amiable and loves to spend time with her friends
  • Despite being a bold and fashionable woman, Breckie is a religious person and claims that she is a devout Christian
  • Breckie was an average student, and she was always interested in pursuing a career in the glamor world
  • When she was a high school student, she liked to perform as a cheerleader.
  • While Breckie enjoys capturing herself wearing trendy bikinis and swimwear in beautiful places, mirror selfies are her favorite
  • Although Breckie does not share much about her family, she is a family-oriented person.


Breckie was in the news for her public fight with Olivia Dunne. Olivia Dunne is an LSU gymnast and a prominent social media star. Some also believe her to be Breckie’s lookalike as the two have similarities in terms of their physical appearances.

There is no serious reason behind the dirty feud between Olivia and Breckie. According to sources, it is simply doppelganger-based envy and rivalry. Breckie and Olivia are both blonde in their early 20s. They post frequently on Instagram and always look glamorous. So, their fans couldn’t help noticing and pointing out that they are lookalikes. Some people started saying that Hill rose to fame simply because her looks resembled that of Dunne’s, the latter being a bigger star.

Hill clearly did not like this comparison and she made some controversial statements against Dunne. She ended up saying that Dunne was a mean person who had body-shamed her in the past. This angered Dunne and she blocked Breckie stating that the latter was only looking for cheap publicity.

Final Thoughts

So, Breckie Hill is one of the fastest-growing stars on social media with a massive following. She earned worldwide fame through her modeling content and lip-sync videos. As Breckie Hill age is only 20 years and her fan base is huge, it is evident that she will gain immense success soon. With her creativity, ability to impress, and charismatic personality, Hill’s net worth is bound to increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Breckie Hill?

Breckie is a young American celebrity best known for her modeling photos on Instagram and TikTok videos.

2. Does Breckie Hill have a boyfriend?

While Breckie Hill is a public figure who posts regularly on Instagram, her romantic life is a mystery. She is officially single and not courting anyone presently.

3. What is the height of Breckie Hill?

Breckie Hill is a dazzling beauty with an impressive height of 5 feet 5 inches.

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