Bunny Madison Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki

Bunny Madison Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki

Bunny Madison is a popular model and actor from the United States, known for her stunning looks and talent in the entertainment industry. She was born on January 11, 1991, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, making her 33 years old by 2024. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall, Bunny is an average height for an American woman. She weighs around 125 pounds and has a body measurement of 35-25-36, which perfectly complements her figure. With her hard work and dedication, Bunny has achieved a net worth of $4 million, making her a successful and influential personality in the industry.

Who is Bunny Madison?

Bunny Madison is a bright star in the world of acting and modeling. Bunny is also famous on TV and in magazines.

Who is Bunny Madison?

She’s from a snowy place called Saint Paul in Minnesota, which means she probably built a lot of snowmen when she was a kid, just like you! Bunny has always loved creating things, whether it’s a picture she has drawn or a dance she’s made up. And just like you, she loves animals, has fun hobbies, and celebrates her birthday with cake and presents.


Name Bunny Madison
Born (Date of Birth) 11 January 1991
Age (as 2024) 33 Years Old
Birthplace Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Hometown Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Real Name

Even though everyone calls her Bunny Madison, that’s not the name she was given when she was born. Like some of your friends might have nicknames, Bunny Madison has one too. But currently, it’s not available on the internet.

It’s the name her parents chose for her as a baby, just like you! Bunny Madison is a fun name she uses now, like when you play games and pretend to be someone else, using a fun and unique name you choose.

Early Life and Education

Bunny Madison grew up in a snowy town called Saint Paul. As a little girl, she loved to play in the snow and make snow angels. She went to a school near her home where she made many friends. Bunny enjoyed learning about animals and painting colorful pictures in art class.

She was also part of the school play, which was a lot of fun. Bunny loved to read books about magical places and dreamed of being in stories, too. Her school days were filled with learning, playing, and dreaming about the future.

Parents and Siblings

She has a family just like everyone! Bunny’s mom and dad loved her very much from the moment she was born. They would play in the snow together and build snowmen.

Bunny also has brothers and sisters. Just imagine; they could have had snowball fights and built snow forts! She wasn’t alone; she had her siblings to share toys, play games, and make beautiful memories. Growing up with a loving family by her side, every day was an adventure.

Husband and Boyfriend

Bunny Madison keeps her heart stories like a secret treasure map. Like in tales of pirates and hidden treasures, Also, only some know where the X marks the spot. Bunny believes some stories are like particular diary pages meant just for her.

So, whether she has someone special, like a prince from a storybook or enjoys adventures on her own, she smiles and keeps the details close to her heart. It’s her own mystery, and mysteries can be exciting and wonderful.

Bunny Madison Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Bunny Madison is 33 years old, which means she has celebrated her birthday 33 times with cakes and candles! She is as tall as five stacked-up rulers, measuring 5 feet 5 inches from her toes to the top of her head. If you weigh a big bag of dog food, it might be about as heavy as Bunny, who weighs 125 pounds.

Bunny Madison Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Bunny takes good care of herself, eating healthy foods and staying active, which helps her shine both on-screen and off.

Bunny Madison Before Fame

Before Bunny Madison became famous for being in movies and walking on runways as a model, she was a regular girl growing up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She loved playing in the snow, making snow angels, and having fun like you. Bunny was always very creative, even as a little girl. She enjoyed drawing pictures, especially of animals and magical places she dreamed up.

Also, Bunny loved to read storybooks and dive into tales of faraway lands and brave heroes when she wasn’t drawing. Her love for stories wasn’t just about reading; she also liked to act them out, pretending to be the characters from her favorite books. This love for storytelling and acting was just a hint of what she would become when she grew up. Even though she wasn’t yet a star, we know today that these early hobbies and interests were like the seeds of her future career in acting and modeling. Bunny’s journey to fame started with these simple joys and creative explorations during childhood.

Bunny Madison Career

Bunny Madison’s job is fantastic! She gets to be a model and an actor. This means she dresses up in fancy clothes and gets her picture taken for magazines and advertisements. She also acts, which is like playing pretend, but for movies and TV shows.

Also, Bunny loves her job because she meets interesting people and travels to exciting places. She does something different daily, which keeps her job super fun. Just imagine wearing beautiful outfits and being a part of unique stories all the time – that’s what Bunny does!

Bunny Madison’s Net Worth and Achievement

Bunny Madison has saved up a lot of treasure coins like a pirate finding a big chest of gold! She has $4 million, which is a lot of money. Think of all the luxuries that you could buy! Bunny worked hard in movies and modeling to earn this treasure.

Also, She got some shiny awards for being good at pretending to be other people on TV and in pictures. She shows us that working hard at what you love can lead to great things, like a chest full of gold coins!

Bunny Madison Nationality and Religion

Bunny Madison is from the United States, which makes her American. It’s a big country with many different people and places, just like some people in your school might come from different cities or have other favorite colors; being American means Bunny comes from a particular part of the world.

Also, What she believes, like if she likes to go to a church, a temple, or something else, is her private story. People believe in many different things, and that’s okay. It’s like having a favorite ice cream flavor; everyone has a choice!


  • Bunny Madison loves doing things that make her happy when she’s not working. Here are some of her favorite hobbies: –
  • Gardening: Bunny likes to plant and watch flowers grow. She has a small garden where she grows roses and daisies.
  • Baking: Bunny enjoys baking cookies and cupcakes. She likes to decorate them with lots of colorful icing and sprinkles.
  • Riding Her Bike: Bunny rides her bike in the park when the weather is nice. She loves feeling the wind in her hair.

Bunny Madison finds these activities very fun. They help her relax and feel happy.

Interesting Facts About Bunny Madison 

  • Also, Bunny was born in a cold place called Saint Paul in Minnesota. It’s known for having lots of snow in the winter!
  • She holds a birthday party on January 11 every year. That means she gets cake and presents in the year’s first month!
  • Bunny is as tall as many moms and dads, standing 5 feet 5 inches tall. That’s like measuring five ruler sticks end to end!
  • Also, She loves animals a lot. Bunny has a pet dog and a cat she plays with every day.
  • Also, Drawing and coloring are some of Bunny’s favorite things to do. She takes pretty pictures of flowers and animals.
  • Also, Bunny’s favorite colors are the ones she uses to make her drawings bright and happy.


Do you have some questions about Bunny Madison? Let’s find some answers that are easy to understand!

How old is Bunny Madison?

Bunny Madison will be 33 years old in 2024.

What does Bunny Madison like to do for fun?

She loves drawing, reading, playing with her pets, gardening, baking, dancing, and riding her bike.

Where was Bunny Madison born?

She was born in Saint Paul Minnesota.

Does Bunny Madison have any pets?

Yes, she has a pet dog and a cat that she loves to play with.

What are Bunny Madison’s favorite things to draw?

Bunny loves to draw flowers and animals and sometimes dresses.

When is Bunny Madison’s birthday?

Her birthday is on January 11.

Remember, Bunny Madison does lots of fun things like you might do. She loves playing, creating, and spending time with her pets!


So, there you have it, friends! We’ve learned lots of cool things about Bunny Madison today. From her love of drawing and baking to her adventures with her pets, Bunny knows how to make every day special. And guess what? Just like you, she enjoys spending time outside, riding her bike, and getting lost in the pages of a good book. Bunny shows us that following our hobbies and dreams can lead to big smiles and adventures.

Also, whether celebrating her birthday in the chilly month of January or dancing around like a graceful ballerina, Bunny Madison fills her days with joy and fun. Remember to explore, create, and play as Bunny does. Who knows? We’ll find ways to make the world brighter like hers. This was a little journey about Bunny Madison. Keep smiling and chasing your dreams, just like she does!

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