Can Card Machines Work on Wi-Fi?

Whether you use a mobile card machine that connects via a Wi-Fi connection or a traditional countertop terminal, it is important to understand how your business’s POS system operates. The right connectivity options will make it easier for you to take credit card payments at your location.

A wireless option, such as a mobile data network, can be a good choice for businesses that move locations regularly or attend events and trade shows. However, you must consider the strength and reliability of mobile networks in your area.


In today’s world of digital commerce, card machines are becoming an integral part of many businesses across the United Kingdom. One of the most common questions asked about these devices is whether or not they require a Wi-Fi connection to operate. The answer is that some card machines require a Wi-Fi connection to process payments, while others have alternative connectivity options.

For example, some card machines can work on a wired ethernet connection or a mobile data network. These connections provide a more stable connection for transaction processing, and can minimize downtime caused by internet outages or connectivity issues. However, it’s important to note that mobile connectivity options are not always available at all locations.

Ultimately, the type of connectivity you choose for your card machine will depend on your business needs and location. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s essential to ensure your device has the latest security protocols in place to protect customers’ financial information.

Mobile data

Card machines need to connect to a network in order to process transactions. While some machines can work offline, most need to be connected to an internet connection to communicate with their processors and verify credit and debit cards. This is because they need to send transaction data and PIN codes to the bank, card networks, and other systems.

While some traditional card terminals use a landline telephone line, many now come with a SIM slot and connect via mobile data networks like 2G or GSM. These connections are faster than their dial-up counterparts and can send and receive data instantaneously.

This means that they can be used anywhere, and are ideal for businesses that regularly change locations or attend trade shows or events where a fixed Wi-Fi network may be unavailable. However, it is important to assess the coverage and reliability of mobile data networks in your location before choosing this option for your card machine.


If you’re looking for a card machine that can be connected to your business’s Wi-Fi network, there are several options available. First, make sure that your internet connection is stable and has a sufficient bandwidth to handle your anticipated transaction volume. You can also ask your Internet service provider to upgrade your plan if necessary.

You can also connect your wireless smart terminal or card reader to a mobile data network, which can provide greater flexibility and eliminate the need for a Wi-Fi connection. However, you should check the coverage and reliability of the mobile network in your area before deciding on this option.

Finally, you can use Bluetooth to connect your card machine to your smartphone or tablet. To do this, simply select the “Find my machine” feature on your device and follow the instructions. You can then use your smartphone or tablet to locate and interact with your card machine. This method is convenient for retailers and restaurant owners, who can easily take payments from customers at tables or outside the premises.


Some credit card terminals use a wired connection to process payments, such as Ethernet. This type of machine is ideal for businesses that need a secure and stable Internet connection, such as food trucks or pop-up shops. It can also work in offline mode, allowing you to take payments even if the connection is lost.

In addition to Ethernet, some terminals connect via a mobile data network, such as GPRS or CDMA. These types of card machines are often used by trade show sales reps, delivery drivers, and other mobile merchants. However, you should consider the strength and reliability of the mobile data network in your area before choosing this option.

The best way to find a suitable card machine for your business is to ask your merchant services provider. The company should be able to recommend a device that is compatible with its processor and works well on the specific wireless networks you plan to use.


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