Diana Jenkins Net Worth Exhibits a Story From Rags to Riches

Diana Jenkins Net Worth Exhibits a Story From Rags to Riches

Diana Jenkins’s appearance in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made her one of the most interesting TV stars. Apart from casting in the 12th season of RHOBH,  Diana Jenkins net worth is another subject that kept us keen for a while. We want to know more about the celebrity, what she does, and most importantly how she made it.

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Diana has quite a story to tell, from having a refugee childhood to having one of the highest net worth. Here is everything you should know about her!

NameSanela Dijana Catic
Also Known AsSanela Diana Jenkins , Diana Jenkins
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Philanthropist, CEO, Founder, Celebrity
Alma MaterUniversity of Sarajevo , City University London
Age50 years
DOB24 October 1973
Parent(s)Rasida Catic, Smajo Catic
SiblingsErman Gokce
SpouseRoger Jenkins ( m. 1999, div 2011) , Asher Monore ( Fiance)
ChildrenInnis Jenkins, Eneya Jenkins , Eliyanah Monroe
Instagram Account@sdjneuro
Twitter Account@SanelaJenkins

Childhood and Death of her Brother

Even though her legal name is Sanela Diana Jenkins, she goes by Diana Jenkins.

Diana’s childhood was rough. She was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia. At that time, Former Yugoslavia (it was changed to Serbia and Montenegro in 2003 ) was ruled by the communist regime.

At the University of Sarajevo, Diana was studying economics. In 1992, a war outbreak happened, which forced her to leave her home and flee to Croatia. She lived there for a year and more as a refugee and then sent to London as an immigrant.

In the episode of RHOBH, Diana talked about Irnis Catic, her brother. She lost him in a war when he was 21 years old. The death of her brother was tough on Diana. She struggled a lot, and it took more than a decade of her life to move on.

At the age of 20, she worked in various jobs to get paid. Even though the job was low paying, it helped her to start a new life.

Diana used to go to school at night to learn English. At that time, she had little money and had to work a lot.

Later, her parents, Smajo and Raisda, moved in with Diana, living together.

She completed her Computer Science and Economics degree from City University, London.

Career and activities

Diana launched her business, clothing line, and different projects throughout her career. This also showed in Diana Jenkins net worth throughout the years. After her graduation, she purchased the swimwear line of Melissa Odabash.

Well, here is a breakdown of how she started:

Launching Neuro Lines and D Empire Entertainment

In 2009, Diana created and launched her Neuro Line of functional beverages. It’s based in Sherman Oaks, California, where she is currently in the role of President and CEO.

She is also the founder and CEO of the musical label D Empire Entertainment. The label represents the establishment and emerging artists, which have the intersection of traditional and innovative branding, media strategy, recording, publicity, distribution, and licensing.

In 2021, Diana joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, season 12.  She made her debut in 2022. However, she left the show in 2023 after completing one season of the show.

Diana also produced SEVAP – MITZVAH with D Empire Entertainment, releasing it in 2023.

The Irnis Catic Foundation and Awards

In 2002, Diana established the Irnis Catis Foundation in memory of her brother who was killed at the age of 21 in the Bosnian War.

Diana’s foundation provides funding for the University of Sarajevo’s medical facilities. For her foundation, she was honored with the Peace Connection prize from the Center for Peace and multi-ethnic Cooperation.

Diana is also a philanthropist, and she continues to support and help activities in the country.  In Washington, DC, She was awarded at the Advisory Council Bosnia & Herzegovina Gala.

Diana Jenkins Projects and Contributions

With George Clooney, Diana also hosted a fundraiser in Mayfair London. The 2008  event had all A-List people, and it was for victims of Darfur. The event successfully raised more than £10 million.

Later, in 2009,  She collaborated with Richard Steinberg and started Sanela Diana Jenkins’s Human Rights Projects.

Under this, they hosted the Sanela Diana Jenkins Clinic, targeting the violence against gender in Eastern Congo.

The clinic also established the Restore The Village Project, which helped in conducting different humanitarian inventions in the villages affected by rape attacks in mass amounts.

Diana was also active in the 2010 earthquake that happened in Haiti. Actor Sean Penn and Diana established a relief organization called Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization. It was for helping people by delivering hospital supplies and medical care.

Furthermore, Diana was involved in lots of other activities like the fight against AIDS and Room 23, which was a photography book. The sale benefited different programs for people’s help.

In 2022, she founded the Sunela Foundation and donated around $100,000. It was for helping the victims who suffered in Lion Air Flight 601.


Diana began as a refugee with a poor childhood, but she has a long list of achievements and accomplishments. It’s all pretty shown in Diana Jenkins net worth.

Diana’s Ex-Marriage and Divorce

Diana Jenkins married Roger Jenkins in 1999, and they were in a relationship for 12 years. Roger is known as a prominent executive at Barclays Bank. He was also listed as the highest-earning banker between 2005 – 2009 in London.  He is also known for his relationship as a brother with David Jenkins, an Olympic medalist.

They met at the gym in London and started to date. However, the couple was separated in 2009 and finally divorced after two years.

From the marriage, Diana received $250 million as a settlement. According to her, their marriage life was not happy. However, even after the separation, both decided to stay as friends.

Diana and Asher

Diana is popular for lots of things, including her dating history. Fans were talking about Sanela Diana Jenkins net worth, but her dating Asher Monroe Book, a gorgeous musician, created lots of buzz too.

Diana is dating and engaged to Asher after her first marriage failed. They met through Diana’s record company. Asher is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor.  He is also a lead singer in a boy band, V Factory. His song Love Struck was in the top 40 hits.

Asher has an impressive resume. Perhaps he is mostly famous for his role as a teen heartthrob in a reboot of Fame in 2009.

After that, he appeared in movies like Medium and Parenthood.  Asher did roles in TV shows like Zoey 101 and Dora The Explorer.

Diana and Asher have known each other for 12 years through the recording studio. However, their dating didn’t get noticed by the media.

In 2021, Asher mentioned his admiration for his fiance in a Pop Hearts TV interview.  He mentioned that one thing that impacted his career was Diana.

Diana and Asher are engaged and all set to take their relationship to the next step.

Diana’s Kids

Apart from having an impressive Diana Jenkins net worth, she is also a mother of three kids. These kids are from her two different relations:

Innis Jenkins

Diana had Innis with her ex-husband, Roger Jenkins. Innis is the eldest son and he was born in 2000. He is 22 years old, a handsome young man who gets mistaken for Asher Monroe, Diana’s finance.

The reason might be the age gap; Asher is 15 years younger than Diana. Innis also has a younger sister, Eneya. He also has a half-sibling, Eliyanah, with whom he appeared on season 12 of RHOBH.

Eneya Jenkins

Eneya is the daughter of Diana and Roger Jenkins, born in 2002. She is the sister of Innis, and Eneya is 19 years old.

With beautiful blonde hair and a love for nature as well as training, she posts selfies and snapshots to her more than 16,000 followers.  Similar to her mother, Diana, Eneya is also a philanthropist.

Eliyanah Monroe

After the official divorce from her ex, Diana and Asher started dating. At the age of 49, Diana announced that she was pregnant, and later the couple had their daughter.

Eliyanah Monroe is the daughter of Diana and Asher Monore. She is the youngest, born in November 2020.  Diana posted her photos on her Instagram along with family and friends. She is 2 years old with cute features.

Diana Jenkins’s Friends

Diana had a popular circle before she entered RHOBH. She was a friend of Lisa Rinna and Crystal Minkoff, who was also the show’s cast. However, apart from them, she has a cycle of famous friends, including:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the popular celebrities in Diana’s friend list. Diana and Kim are known as good friends for a long time. They appeared together in different events, including the AIDS Foundation Academy Awards hosted by Elton John in 2013.

Kim also stayed with her family in Diana’s Malibu mansion, which cost around $120 million in 2020. They filmed Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s final season.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick is also on the close friend list.  Neil and his husband, David Burtka, are not just friends of Diana but consider her one of their family members.

Expressing their happiness and excitement about Diana joining RHOBH, they shared a video on Instagram. The couple also praised Diana and talked about being one of the greatest people they met.

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis is the frontman of Red Hot Chili Peppers. He and Diana are also close friends. They worked together on the song which Diana shared on her Instagram. The lyrics also had lines like how much he liked her.

Elton John And David Furnish

Diana has been supporting John’s foundation for AIDS for a long time. She also supported the gala events.

Elton and David are close friends in Diana’s circle. They also congratulated via video message when she entered RHOBH.

What is Diana Jenkins net worth

RHOBH Diana Jenkins net worth of 2023 shocked a lot of people. She is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, and TV star, and her estimated net worth is around $300 million. She simultaneously launched her drink startup while her human rights activities helped people.

To understand her past five years of worth and the growth she did, here is the chronological list of Diana Jenkins net worth:

YearsNet worth
Diana Jenkins net worth 2023$300 million
Diana Jenkins net worth 2022$280 million
Diana Jenkins net worth 2021$250 million
Diana Jenkins net worth 2020$220 million
Diana Jenkins net worth 2019$200 million


Diana has a list of some controversial headlines she created for herself. Some of the controversies include:

Accused for Sex Trafficking

Diana was involved in controversies where she was accused of being involved in sex trafficking. According to Controversy, she was a madam who was connected with prostitutes and celebrities.

Authorities in Serbia allegedly spread the rumor. They wanted to discredit Diana for defending the country Bosnia and Herzegovina against war crimes in international courts.

Diana denied all of these accusations and involvement with Jeffery Epstein, who had a sex trafficking ring.

Controversy with Donald Trump

Diana was criticized as there was a photo circulating where she was with Donald Trump. The photo was taken at Victoria’s Secret Party in 1997.

Denying the accusation, Diana said it was not her as she was a broke refugee living in London at the time. She was working three different jobs to support her family. Further, it was clarified the model in the photo was Ingrid Seynhaeven.

Extramarital Affairs with Celebrities

Diana was also in controversy for having an extramarital affair. She was linked with celebrities like Guy Ritchie and Justin Timberlake. However, there was no public address for the celebrities, and it was based on only gossip and speculation.

Final thoughts

Diana Jenkins net worth is not the only thing making people curious, but her complete journey from being a refugee to what she is now is inspirational.

Diana has not just established herself as a strong personality with an impressive net worth. But she is also giving back to society through her activities, projects, and foundation.


1. How did Diana Jenkins make her wealth?

Diana Jenkins co-owns the swimwear line and has more than 250 luxury department stores, resorts, and boutiques.

2. Who did Diana Jenkins marry before Asher?

Diana married Roger Jenkins in 1999. He was a banker, and the couple met at the gym for the first time.

3. Did Diana Jenkins have a miscarriage?

Diana Jenkins reported she delivered a stubborn before she had Eliyanah.

4. How much money did Roger Jenkins give for the settlement with Diana?

Roger Jenkins gave almost half of his fortune in his divorce from Diana in 2011. The estimated amount was $500 million.

5. What is the age gap between Asher and Diana?

Diana and Asher have a 15-year age gap. Asher is younger than Diana in their relationship.

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