Can You Give a Bouquet of Sunflowers As a Gift

The sunflower is a flower with a truly amazing energy potential; the divine power of the sun is concentrated in it. By the way, if we turn to the original name of the sunflower (heliotrope), we will understand that the meaning of the sunflower, first of all, is close in connection with the heavenly body. Now you know the meaning of the sunflower flower and you will be able to choose an appropriate and suitable bouquet.
These flowers are suitable for a gift to both friends and parents. But your loved ones will especially appreciate their beauty. It is believed that a bouquet with these flowers will be appreciated by impressionable, unusual, and creative people. Sunflower bouquets can be given as a wedding gift and also used as a bride’s wedding bouquet.

A bouquet of sunflowers in history

Flower arranging has a long and storied history. Bright, vibrant sunflower flowers fill the room with light, like sunrise in a vase. Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers series was created during a cold summer week in 1888 when the weather prevented him from painting outdoors. In anticipation of a visit from the painter Paul Gauguin, he decided to decorate the guest room with paintings of sunflowers to make it brighter.

The result was a series of famous Van Gogh masterpieces. Sunflowers have inspired the artistic masterpieces of some of the most famous artists in history such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Gustav Klimt.

The popularity of sunflower compositions is only increasing, as they can be presented for any occasion. Their use as a symbol of a peaceful, inclusive, and free movement makes them understand that everyone deserves love.

Sunflower bouquet idea

The sunflower is a self-sufficient flower, the wealth and luxury allow it to perform solo parts. However, the unusually spectacular and bright appearance of these flowers makes it possible to combine them with other representatives of the flora. None of the other colors can overshadow their beauty, only emphasizing the incredible sophistication.

Recently, it has become fashionable to use sunflowers to create a wedding bouquet and compositions for festive floral arrangements. Furthermore, these are a great source of wedding decorations. Incorporating these premium decors into a wedding venue can help create an immersive atmosphere. Flowers owe such popularity not only to their bright and rich appearance but also to their ability to maintain freshness and brightness of color for a long time.

To whom can you give a bouquet of sunflowers

It so happened that the heliotrope is traditionally considered an exclusively male flower. You can give a bouquet of sunflowers to your close friend or colleague. However, the brightness and dynamism, the notes that ring in the sunflower, make this flower an ideal addition to a bouquet intended for a girl. So, let’s find out who and when should give a bouquet collected from the sunflower itself:

  • sunflowers give creative people – it is in these colors that one can read unordinary beauty. Give sunflower bouquets to those who can read between the lines;
  • friends and close people. A sunflower is not the kind of flower that has a place in the “duty” bouquet. The composition of sunflowers will suit those to whom you are not indifferent;
  • loved ones. In the language of flowers, the sunflower pronounces the phrase “You warm my heart.” Give these flowers to those to whom you owe eternal summer in your heart.

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