Can you see me? How to speed up your website


In a bid to increase consumer reach, companies are looking for ways to outdo each other in the digital space. Having a website only does not cut it anymore. You may be online, but how you interact with your customers will determine whether they engage you or not. A lot goes into ensuring your online visibility, key among these being how fast your website is. Here is how you get ahead of the pack. Here is how to speed up your website.

Web hosting

Like where you live, your website also needs an ideal location to call home. Being online eliminates the human factor. Your customers need to feel valued when they interact with you online. Achieving this requires that your website is easy to navigate through and suffers minimal to no downtime. You do not need to break the bank but put yourself in the user’s shoes when selecting a website hosting partner.


The type of material you put on your website will determine the sort of traffic that you attract. Your website needs to cater to your desired audience. What do you want to achieve from being online? Purely advertising, are revenue-generating, or are you just there because your competitor is? Knowing what your purpose is will determine what sort of customizations you require. 

As with any physical commercial space, appearance is crucial. The most visited stores are those that are pleasing to see. Themes, pictures, and videos add to the visual appeal of your website. Try and use minimal but impactful images when communicating your message. It may be tempting to put your entire inventory online, but is this necessary? You are better off redirecting to your best sellers on your website and redirecting your users to your online brochure for the rest. If you are a reseller, links to your supplier’s page will help in improving the speed up your website.


For your website to be worth the investment, you need to be accessible from multiple platforms. Links to popular URLs outside your domain will help redirect traffic your way. Always ensure that you are attached to websites that have high domain authority. Regularly check on the viability of these links as too many broken links may compromise your website’s speed. Taking a digital marketing course can help you understand the basics of how to approach this.

Efficiency in Service

A website caters to a specific purpose. Plugins are component software that enables unique functions on a website. From video streaming to online payments, there exist different plugins you can use to improve your service efficiency. Too many plugins will slow your website. Strike a perfect balance between speed and functionality. ( Always consider what essential.

Everyone can be online. Only those who invest in understanding how to navigate this maze are. If you have the infrastructure minus the knowledge, you are as good as dead. An online digital marketing course will give you a head start in achieving your true online professional. Here is to your next great achievement.

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