Dos and don’ts of meeting your online date

With the increasing popularity and successful love stories of online dating, it is surely one of the best ways to find your match. It lets us connect to people from different backgrounds, and we get to know a lot more than what is limited to our social circle.

If you have been dating someone online or you are eager to meet them and take things forward, there are some dos and don’ts you ought to keep in mind. We list you with the most important tips, which will help you take all the necessary precautions for meeting your online date for the first time.

Dos on meeting your online date

Check out all the things you must do when you meet your online date for the first time:

1. Meet at a public place

You might have been speaking to someone for over a week or two, and it is almost time that both of you are anxious to meet each other. However, the first meeting should happen at a public place.

First of all, the person you are meeting might not be trustworthy, since you would have no clue about how they really are. They might be an ax murderer, and you don’t want to fall onto any unwanted sexual advances, do you? Secondly, meeting over a cup of coffee sounds so much more romantic and it is fun to go traditional at times!

2. Inform your friends or relatives

Let your friends and family know where you are going. This is not only for your safety, but also to escape a date gone wrong! You can simply inform your friends to make a pretentious emergency call and simply get away without being rude.

You ought to admit that texting someone and meeting someone in person are two varied experiences. If this is your first time in online dating, you might be unaware of this. Just keep your friends posted about your whereabouts so that they can reach you if needed.

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3. Use your transportation

Getting picked up for a date can seem adorable, but using your own transportation is safer. You don’t need to be at the mercy of a stranger, and you can avoid any possible risks.

If you don’t have your car, you can book a cab beforehand. If you’re okay to commute by public transport, that’s even better. You can allow a pick up from the second date if it seems comfortable to you. Try to avoid this for the first date to prevent any possible discomfort or awkwardness.

4. Carry enough money

There are no rules which obligate a man to pay or not split the bill. Both of you should be prepared with money. You don’t just need money for the date but also to keep extra cash for an emergency.

Not splitting the bill is also a turn-off to many men and women. Unless the opposite sex insists or asks you to allow him to offer the first treat, you should be keen to split the bill.

5. Be hygienic

Dirty clothes, uncombed hair, and unpleasant body odor are some of the major turn-offs. It is important to be at your best because the first impression always lasts!

Take your own steps to maintain hygiene as that will reflect your personality and sense of style as well. Most importantly, make sure your mouth doesn’t smell!

6. Be thankful

It is great if things work out well for both of you. But the date can be a great experience if things don’t work out too.

Meeting somebody in person might break some fantasies you imagined over the messages. But it is better to be aware of what the real deal, that too before you start having expectations.

None-the-less, it is good to be thankful for the time spent, as it always teaches you something worthwhile.

Don’ts on meeting your online date

Just as much as the dos, the don’ts are important too! Find out what you must consciously not do on your first date:

1. Chat for months before meeting

Imaging assuming someone to be absolutely different compared to who they actually turn out to be. It will not only break your heart but also leave you confused about your own judgments and steps to take ahead.

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The personality over text messages differs when you meet them in person. Someone who is a big talker online might be shy in public. You must not spend too much time texting and set up a date within a couple of weeks of chatting. You can use Chat Today to find friends and potential dates to talk with until you are comfortable to meet up.

2. Send indecent pictures

Even a 10-second Snapchat picture, which notifies you upon a screenshot, should not be your reason to send indecent pictures. On top of that, somebody who asks you to send a picture like that shows clear intentions of just ‘having fun’!

Don’t indulge in something that might hurt your emotions or make you regret. Exchanging private pictures can initiate steps towards cybercrime and it can lead you into great trouble.

3. Bring friends or pets to your date

If you’ve agreed upon meeting at a public place, you should not bring relatives, friends or even pets to your date.

Meeting your online date for the first time is definitely a sensitive moment, where you should take all necessary precautions towards being safe. But you must not turn-off the opposite person or make him feel awkward.

4. Be late

You might completely disappoint someone by being late, that too on the very first date. It reflects a lack of discipline and punctuality which isn’t negligible especially on the first date.

Do you really want to let go off ‘the one’, by keeping her waiting for more than an acceptable span of time? Being on time definitely shows interest and respect. Moreover, it might save you from losing your soul mate!

Final thoughts

Imagine the person you’re about to meet is the one who’s going to spend the rest of the life with you. Don’t you want to make the event perfect and memorable? The first date is one of the most special moments of a relationship, and it is definitely one of the cherish-able occasions to count on!

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