Exploring career options after law: Which one is right for you?

career options after law

A vast number of career options after law can be explored after pursuing a degree. This degree will not only enable your skills for a judiciary system but will also open up many other diverse fields for you. Below is the list of professions you can consider if you are not interested in becoming a legal practitioner.

  • Writing and Blogging: Now a day’s many blogs are dedicated to law-education to benefit students. In India, advocates’ are barred from advertising themselves, so they come up with unique blogs to put forward their thoughts and work. Editorial industry offers lucrative earning potential with a great focus on specialized content. If you have a knack for creative writing, you can blend it with your profession as a lawyer and work as a freelance law blogger.
  • Legal Relation and Policy Analyst: Business ventures require good leadership, analytical, and proactive legal analyst for policymaking. If you are interested in future planning and prediction by applying statistical, abstract, and administrative subjects for crafting a corporate policy, legal relation is the perfect choice for you. They generally assist attorneys in drafting and reviewing legal documents. These documents include legal memos, contracts, discovery material, litigation filings, and other documents that relate to a court case.
  • Entrepreneur: Law graduates possess good analytical, leadership, and judicial nature of law which can be considered as a valued asset to a new business venture. Lawyers are equipped with major primary qualities of an entrepreneur and so they make good entrepreneurs. Many companies across the world were founded or are headed by a law graduate including the most famous ones in India including IndiGo, Godrej, CC-Avenue, and others.
  • Legal Outsourcing firm: Law firms and legal support services in a foreign land can pivot your company forward. It is a process by which in-house law firms, legal departments, and other organizations outsource legal work at a significantly decreased cost. It is a new concept with pretty unexplored possibilities and is flourishing at a notable rate. You can launch a legal outsourcing firm by collaborating with other law graduates. (buy provigil ireland) Legal outsourcing firms make special efforts to meet their clients’ conditions by signing service-level agreements with a data security guarantee.
  • Public Service and Administration: With a better understanding of the law and administrative structure of the country, there are high chances of qualifying civil services exams. UPSC exams require immense patience, hard work, and thorough mental preparation with a fixed study schedule to get through all the levels of this exam. It is one of the most lucrative and prestigious career options after law to pursue in India. 
  • Professor: A career as a professor or a lecturer is also an interesting career option for many law graduates. Students can also opt for higher education plans including Masters and Ph.D. programs to increase their knowledge and start their career as a lecturer at prestigious universities.

An undergraduate degree in law will give students an in-depth knowledge and practical exposure to challenge their critical-thinking skills and prepare them for a professional career ahead. Therefore, LLB is the perfect choice for students with an interest in the justice system of the country. So don’t waste your time and opt for the LLB course now.

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