Exponential Increase In Quality And Quantity Of Crude Extraction With Advance Well Delivery Solutions

Exponential Increase In Quality And Quantity Of Crude Extraction With Advance Well Delivery Solutions

Oil and gas sector is a highly dynamic one, with geopolitical and technical parameters changing every moment. Extreme climatic conditions like the frozen oil fields of Russia or deep water adventures, requires state of the art tools, to make the effort fruitful. Volatility is even more when the managers have to work with rudimentary technologies, which repeatedly fails to make the necessary impact, in terms of mitigating the operational challenges. In modern-day offshore oil and gas management, efficiency is the name of the game, be it efficiency in cost controlling or in management processes. It is necessary to create a project environment, which meets all your project objectives easily. Today to derive meaningful profit from deep good explorations, advanced well delivery solutions are a must have for the organizations. It is necessary to generate a consistent well delivery practice across organizations, which will be in-line with the regulatory obligations. An effective well delivery solution increases the personal level efficiency which is converted into organizational level achievements.

Rising Pressure From Investors And Shareholders- Solution –Integrated Well Delivery

 With rising pressure from the investors and shareholders, who have pumped millions of dollars into an exploration site, it becomes obligatory for the organization to deliver results. It must have a tried and tested roadmap in place, which leads to profit maximization in minimum time. In order to achieve the same, integrated well delivery solution are a must have for organizations. Let us have a look at the following deliverables of a world class well delivery solution :

  • Increased project assurance in success, and accountability.
  • Brings about the much-needed transparency in the project.
  • Strict adherence to the regulatory framework of the country.
  • Uplift the skill level of the workforce, which in turn increases the overall market reputation of the organization.
  • Creates a system which is anytime auditable, breathing overall confidence into the organization.
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This formidable technology takes into account each and every nitty gritty, right from project planning to good shutdown.  The need of the hour is a technology which is cloud-based and facilitates rapid data exchange. This real-time nature of the information acts as the main profit-making lubricant for the organization and across the entire geographically dispersed project sites.  Ambitious organizations are in look out for a technology, which would provide a much-needed lesson learned module. This module will point out to the challenges faced during the last well exploration and prevent the system from repeating the same, for a new well site. The system should document the risk associated with a particular kind of well and alert the system in the future of similar hindrances.

Since every well comes with its own set of challenges, it becomes next to impossible to work on the same, with rudimentary technology. The need of the hour is a technology, which is proactive in good health check up and map out the success percentage in terms of crude extraction out of it. Advance well delivery systems should be able to link up with other organizational systems, like AFE (Authorization for expenditure), to gain in-depth knowledge of the spend analytics of every process. If these two advanced systems are linked up, then the managers will get a clear picture of the every cost component of the good extraction process. Solid budget foundations could be achieved, and any deviation from the same can quickly be addressed, with best course correction measures.  A sound well management system is tantamount to the global repository of knowledge, which is crucial for taking proactive measures.  However, organizations must ensure to choose a well delivery platform, which can be easily integrated with the existing legacy system. It has to be kept in mind that, “zero” system downtime is acceptable, while the well delivery platform is being configured for any organization.

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This calls for an experienced technology partner, who has a portfolio of managing previous critical projects. A good technology partner should be able to assess the risk involved and offer tailor-made solutions to the organization. It should also be kept in mind that the system should be up for use in minimum time and training to the workforce. The system should have a secured log in the protocol, according to the organizational hierarchy. It should also have a 24×7 helpdesk to troubleshoot any difficulty faced during the usage of the platform. Every stage of the project should be linked to organizational policies and guidelines.

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