Make Family Time a Fun Time With These 5 Awesome Ideas!

Make Family Time a Fun Time With These 5 Awesome Ideas!

Family time must be one of the top priorities you have in life, Despite possible failures, too much stress, and negative vibes, your family will always be one call away, If you feel like you need something to intensify the bond between you and your family or you simply want to make time with them so you could all forget the stressful reality, then you visited and clicked on the right article.

Feel free to apply these tips and tricks to make your family time an awesome and upgraded one. Most of these could be the traditional or simple ones but expect a great creative twist in each.


This tip is a traditional yet a classic one. It remains fun and forever will be an amazing thing to do with your family. You can enjoy the weekends starting from the moment you prepare the foods to bring, help in packing those yummy sandwiches, choose the nicest toys or books to bring, help in dressing up your younger siblings, up to the time you reach the picnic location. While enjoying your time together, you can drink wine, eat foods, share your stories, or simply enjoy every second of the day.

Make Family Time a Fun Time With These 5 Awesome Ideas!

You can also prepare a simple game which your family can do and enjoy during the stay at the park. Can’t think of any game to include on your list? Don’t worry because I got your back! Here are some of the simple picnic games you can try:

  • Picnic basket relay
  • Sponge relay race
  • Water balloon dodgeball
  • Flip-flop kick
  • Melt an ice cube
  • Pass the water
  • Yard twister
  • Human tic-tac-toe
  • Water balloon spoon race
  • Frisbee golf


This is one of the most famous activities to do with the whole family. But, if you’re feeling bored with the game’s routine, you can always add some twist to make it more alive and more exciting! If you’re wondering how then follow the following suggestions:

Make Family Time a Fun Time With These 5 Awesome Ideas!

  • State a punishment for the loser. These punishments could be like, putting up a powder on his/her face by the winning players, or you could also use lipstick so it could be funnier; the truth or dare punishment; or the loser will be the one to be in charge of the snacks. What do you think? Isn’t it fun?
  • Play in doubles. This method could build teamwork between the players.
  • The loser will wash the dishes for a week. (I don’t think this is a good idea, but whatever, it could be fun, right?)
  • The loser will treat the winner on a dinner date.

These are the craziest things I could ever think of making the game more intense. If you have any suggestions, would you mind to share? Or, you can also try other card games and apply these crazy twists to make the game more interesting.


This could be new to your ears, huh? But don’t worry because this game isn’t something that would put you on a hot, hot seat unless you’re truly clueless about your clan. This game is both fun and exciting but most probably an intense one. So, here are the mechanics:

  • The players will form a circle and at the centre, lays all the individual photos or names of the family members.
  • Next, there would be a board which consists the chart of the family tree where some boxes or slots are left blank,
  • These blank slots will be the ones you need to fill in order to complete the family tree.
  • If one player wouldn’t be able to fill the slot with the right photo of a family member, then he/she is considered eliminated.
  • The game continues until there’s the “last man standing” a.k.a. “The Winner”. Yaaaay!

So, what do you think about this game, huh? Don’t forget to try this and the household will surely be filled with tears of joy and waves of laughter.


Make Family Time a Fun Time With These 5 Awesome Ideas!

This is one of the most popular board games not only loved and played by kids but also by those who are kids at heart. This doesn’t only require a lot of humour but also requires a lot of knowledge and compelling tactics to earn as much as enterprises as you can.

Monopoly is a type of a board game in which the players roll two six-sided dice in order to move forward and around the monopoly game board. This is all about buying and trading properties and improving them with houses and hotels.

The good thing about this game especially when being played by the whole family, the kid’s awareness of mature things like, money management, banking, and business building are being developed. The parents will also be able to take a look after their children while making them learn and at the same time, having so much fun with them.


You might say that this is such a crazy idea but trust me, this isn’t only fun because this will really tighten the bond of your family. This game came out of my crazy mind ever since I watched cooking battles held on television, though the contestants on those TV shows aren’t blood-related. So, why not do it at home right?

This cooking battle will be held, of course at your house’s kitchen, the main contestants will be “mom and dad” and could be partnered with kids if possible. You can choose who will play the role of the judge. This is just a simple game but I don’t think that cooking is a simple thing.

Make Family Time a Fun Time With These 5 Awesome Ideas!

Your parents are required to cook just one main dish and dessert that would be chosen through picking in the choices in the fishbowl. 5-15 minutes will be the best allotted time to make this crazy game happen. At the end of the game, the winner will be declared by the judge after tasting the finished products which must not be labelled by the names of the contestants.

So, looking for more crazy games? Why not share your fun and amazing idea with us? Or you can simply play any of these hilarious suggestions and let us know the happenings. You can also comment or send here your craziest game suggestions to date!

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