Flower Decoration and Arrangements for Various Occasions

Flower Arrangement

Flower decoration is an indispensable detail in almost all celebrations nowadays. Whether it is a celebration of a birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a decoration made of flowers will give your celebration a more elegant note.

Arrangements used for decoration can be made in many different styles. The choice of arrangement style depends on several factors, such as:

– places where the arrangement will stand,

– the container (vase) in which you want your arrangement to be placed,

– the type of celebration you organize.

Many florists throughout the UAE provide flower arranging services. Before you decide which florist to hire, you need to know precisely what you want your celebration to look like. A preconceived concept of celebration is essential if you decide to make your own arrangements by ordering flowers online in Dubai.

For this reason, before we gradually explain how to make your own arrangement, you should get acquainted with the types and styles of flower arrangements.

Flower arrangement for events

Types of Flower Arrangements

  1. Central Arrangement

The central type of flower arrangement means the arrangement is intended to stand in the central part of the table. This type of arrangement is always popular, and it will effortlessly fit it into the theme of the celebration.

  1. High Arrangements

Flower Decoration in tall vases is also a version of the central arrangement. This way of arranging flowers gives the event a note of elegance and glamor.

  1. Low Arrangements

The low type of arrangement is a decoration that is also usually placed in the middle of the table. What distinguishes this type of arrangement from the others is that they are made in long rectangular vases. They are placed on tables in a series of several arrangements, forming an inseparable group of flowers.

  1. Miniature Decoration

When you don’t want flower arrangements to be in the foreground, but only an addition to the rest of the decoration at the celebration, this type of arrangement is the right choice. Discreet and small, they will fit perfectly into the overall design of your event decoration.

Styles of Flower Arrangements

  1. Casual Arrangement Style
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This style is made of flowers that are not firmly arranged inside the bouquet but are casually placed in a vase. If you are organizing a business event, this style of flower arrangement is a great choice.

  1. Simple Style of Arrangement

Sometimes fewer flowers mean more elegance. This is precisely the case with this style of flower arrangement. With very few flowers, a glamor effect is achieved.

  1. One Type of Flower Decorations

Arrangements do not always have to contain different flowers. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips, and gerberas are the most popular types of flowers for making flower arrangements. Choose the type of flowers you like best and create your own arrangements. Regardless of the celebration, this style of the arrangement will surely fit perfectly.

  1. One-Colored Flower Arrangements 

Suppose you have imagined a celebration in which one particular color will dominate. In that case, you can very easily combine the arrangements by choosing one-colored flowers. With this style of arrangement, you will undoubtedly leave a strong impression on your guests.

One-colored flower arrangement

Flower Arrangement

Tips for Making Flower Decoration on Your Own

Required materials:

– Flowers,

– Vase,

– Water,

– Florist sponge,

– Floriculture net or self-adhesive tape

– A sharp knife.

  1. Once you have decided which type and style are suitable for your flower arrangement, it is time to go to a proven florist or simply order the desired flowers online in Dubai.
  2. With a specific style and type of arrangement, you should combine the appropriate vase. If you make an arrangement in a wide vase, it will be difficult to prevent the flowers from moving. Thus, place a floriculture net on top of the vase or make a net of self-adhesive tape. When you do that, simply stick the flowers in the holes of the net, and the flowers will stand in their place.

For mid-table flower arrangements, place a florist sponge on the bottom of the arranging pot, into which you will stick flower stalks when arranging. You can also order a florist sponge in any flower shop when buying flowers online.

  1. Use a sharp knife to cut the flower stalks to the desired length. Avoid using scissors, because they often damage the flower stalk. The damaged flower stalk cannot absorb water, and the flowers will wither quickly. The angle at which you cut the flower stalk must be sharp and, most importantly, cut them just before arranging. This will prevent the flower stalks from drying out.

Take care of the flower stalk’s length, because if you shorten them too much, they will not look beautiful in your flower arrangement. The flowers that you have planned to be in the middle of the arrangement should be twice as tall as the arranging pot.

  1. The water you pour into the vase must be clean and fresh. The leaves from the flower stalk must not be in the water, so it is necessary to remove them beforehand.
  2. Once you have done all this, you can commence making your flower arrangement by starting from the middle of the arrangement. First, go the central flower that is the longest, and then place the rest of the flowers around it. Make sure that the arrangement of flowers is the same on all sides.

These would be the essential steps for making a flower arrangement. If you need some specific ideas for flower arrangements, you can find them at the link below: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/3-pro-florists-arrangements-you-can-do-at-home.


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Although ordering ready-made flower arrangements is much simpler and easier, we advise you to make your own arrangements. The personal stamp that you give to the celebration by independently making floral decorations is unsurpassed. All this may seem too complicated, but as long as you follow our tips, you will be just fine.

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