Gold Coins: The Most Popular, Historical and Modern Australian Coins

Historical and Modern Australian Gold Coins

Petitions were made in Adelaide for the production of gold coins which were dismissed by Britain. Before this informal gold coins were then utilized during the gold rush in 1850’s. Later on, Australia had its first ever mint in Sydney in 1855. In 1899 The Perth Mint was established as the Branch of the Royal Mint in Perth with its primary objectives being refining gold mine yields, making bars and mint gold coins. It is considered as one of the best and most recognized mints in the world. Below we will take a look at the most common Australian Silver & Gold Coins:

British Sovereign Gold Coin: 1899

The Perth Mint issued its first-ever gold coin which was a British sovereign.

Sovereign and Half Sovereign Gold Coins: 1899-1931 

For about thirty-two years, the Perth Mint then went on to manufacture over 100 million gold sovereigns and almost 735,000 half sovereigns. All of them had a unique “P” mark on them.  

Circulating Gold Coins: 1940-1963

The mint produced over 1500 million circulating coins.

Gold Bullion Coins: 1987 – 1989

In 1987, the mint manufactured its gold bullion coins under the Australian Currency Act 1965. The Bullion’s design change annually making them appealing to collectors and gold investors. Hence, they often go by the name “Bullion collector coins.” The gold used is 24 carat and they’re 99.99% pure.


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1 oz.100
1/2 oz.50
1/4 oz.25
1/10 oz.15
1/20 oz.5
10 kg30,000
1 kg3000
10 oz.1000
2 oz.200


The Australian Nugget: 1987

The Australian Nugget gold bullion coins were launched in 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/10 oz. They’re one of the few tender bullion coins in Australia that have the liberty of changing their designs annually. 

The Australian Kangaroo: 2008

The design on the Australian Nugget was changed to show a kangaroo. It has, since then, appeared on all coins but changes every year for coins 1 oz. or less and its name was officially changed to the Australian Kangaroo in 2008. In 2011, Perth Mint manufactured the largest gold bullion coin which has been on display in the Mint to this date.

Lunar Series-1996

The coins in this series have one of twelve animals of the Chinese Lunar calendar. The coins in this series come in a variety of sizes and they’re very sought after as well. 

SERIES 1: The first-ever coin in the lunar series was made in 1996 in 1 kg, 2 oz., and 10 oz. and it commemorated the year of the Mouse. Almost 3 large bullion coins, 1 kg, 2 oz., and 10 oz., were introduced in 2000. These were then succeeded by 10kg coins in the year 2006.

SERIES 2: The second series in this design was launched in 2008 and it had a new design as compared to Series 1. 

Gold Eagle

Australia, like the USA, is for the first time issuing a Gold Eagle coin. These coins will depict the Australian wedge-tailed eagle. For the first time, an Australian coin is going to be designed by an American Mint Chief Engraver. They are going to be 99.99% fine gold. 

Further details on Australian Gold & Silver Coins

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For full details on coins of the Australian pound, Royal Australian Mint coins and Perth Mint coins, including current Australian Dollar values for each coin, please visit Gold News Australia and select the “World Coins Values” option on their main menu.

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