Real Estate Developers: 6 Vital Tips When Designing Homes

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In Dubai, it is not uncommon to find ongoing construction work throughout the year, and much of this is residential provisions for the continuously growing population of the city. According to the World Population Review, the City of Gold’s population increases at a rate of 10.7% annually, which is a strong indication of the high demand for residential real estate developers.

Currently, many of the developments meant to address the need are located in highly urbanised settings where living is deemed most convenient, and the majority of them are multiple residential buildings. However, in the recent decades, there has been a growth in the demand for villas and townhomes with private outdoor spaces to support the families’ desire for a creative and wholesome lifestyle.

And speaking of residential real estate for families, the best real estate developers in Dubai make sure to approach their building projects thoughtfully. They take into account the evolution of lifestyles and other unique considerations of growing families. In this present age, their job is no longer just to provide residences; they help build the ideal life as well.

So, what are these variables that they make sure to factor in when designing living spaces that people can truly call their home? Six of these are discussed below.

1. Thoughtful use of space by real estate developers

Dubai is not a big mass of land, and the cost of land, mainly in the city proper where a lot of families choose to live, is at a premium. Thus, real estate developers must come up with ingenious ways to use space to support the comfort and convenience requirements of families that are looking to buy a home.

The city’s leading real estate developers are doing a fine job with this because if you look for property to buy in Dubai these days, you will notice that even small residential units in beautiful apartment blocks have impressive interior fit-out solutions and sophisticated interior design. Therefore, despite the size of some smaller units, a small family can easily have a comfortable as well as stylish lifestyle.

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2. Convenience

The top property developers in Dubai also work toward preparing a convenient home life for families by integrating advanced technology into the design of residential units. Advanced technology includes automatic solutions for privacy, safety, and even health.

Aside from advanced technology, real estate developers work in special services for the living convenience and comfort of residents. In multi-residential buildings, mainly luxury ones, concierges are provided. They take care of residents’ needs, such as dry cleaning, housekeeping, babysitting, pet-sitting, car services, and even appointments. It’s likewise no longer rare for exclusive business establishments to be provided right within the residential community such as grocers, beauty salons, cafeterias, and health care offices.

It’s important to mention again that real estate developers always choose the most strategic locations. This way, all other sources of convenience are within reach for homeowners such as public transportation, restaurants, and government offices.

3. Privacy and safety: priority of real estate developers

Privacy and safety are two top requirements of families when looking for a house to live in. Therefore, real estate companies make sure to address them when designing housing units. For example, sound-proof materials are used in construction, especially in apartment blocks. Families don’t want neighbours to know about their home situation, and most of them also don’t want to be bothered by the home life of their neighbours.

Meanwhile, for safety, residential buildings need to have surveillance cameras and other security features to maintain the exclusivity of the entire property. These days, sensor technology is used, so only the residents and authorised personnel of the building can go in and out of the property.

4. Amusement and entertainment

Creating a fun lifestyle is also another essential variable in creating residences for families. Parents want a playground and other provisions for recreation that their children can use. This is why real estate companies incorporate leisure spaces either in exclusive villages with townhomes and villas or apartment buildings or condominiums. 

Leisure spaces allow for all kinds of creative activities such as exercise, family outings, play, discovery, and so much more. If you would visit those high-end residential buildings in Dubai Marina, you would find that real estate developers go far and beyond for leisure spaces. They create lagoons, mini-golf courses, playing courts, and a park. 

5. Values and standards of living

Unlike decades ago, when a family’s values are its own business, property developers have also found it quite beneficial to make it their business to help you uphold your values easily. This is one of the reasons why there are properties that attract specific types of individuals and families. One of the universal values that real estate companies take into consideration is environmental responsibility. 

Thus, real estate developers build houses using green products. Plus, they make sure that there are community features that allow eco-conscious tenants to go about their unique routines and explore their interests more easily, such as composting and recycling stations, charging garages for electric vehicles, gardens,  Jonite decorative grating and so much more.

6. Disaster prevention 

Lastly, although Dubai does not really experience a lot of natural disasters, real estate companies still look into technologies and building strategies to fortify their structures and make them resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and other phenomena.

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For them, it’s imperative for potential buyers to automatically get a sense of security and safety from the residential provisions they provide.

Spaces where families can truly thrive

Property developers share that in recent years, they have made a shift from looking for ways of expanding the size of their house design, to directing their focus on smart design. This is because with intelligent design, the size of a space ceases to be a setback in creating a fulfilling home life. 

Of course, they still have spacious provisions perfect for people who are all about opulent living and everything grand. However, with more and more people focusing more on enhancing their quality of life, size somewhat becomes immaterial once a clever and innovative design is in place.

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