Things You Must Know About Hampton Brandon

Hampton Brandon

Have your parents ever told you whom to look up to as your role model? Of course, they set examples themselves, but what if a parent follows Hampton Brandon? What would they have to teach their own kids?

Hampton Brandon, if you don’t know yet, is one of the most problematic streamers on YouTube. He is nothing more than a walking confrontation but to find something good about him, you might have to leave the last moral you possess!

Although we’re going to discuss Hampton Brandon and tell you what makes him so popular, we don’t suggest you follow him or allow your kids to do so. People who have been following this guy’s video have longed waited for something productive or smart. But honestly, we need to tell why such people shouldn’t trend and why you should follow people who actually add value to your life.

What you need to know about Hampton Brandon

Check out some of the crazy things about Hampton Brandon to know who he is and why he is like that. These will probably also give you a cue to not make your kids become like him or follow him:

1. He is one of the overnight trending personalities

There are some people who takes months and years to come to the top. While there are few who just get overnight fame. Do you ever imagine YouTubers used to do before YouTube became ‘a thing’? We hope most of us do remember this because of it going out more and noticing what the world is like, instead of being glued to the screens. Hampton tries to do something similar but creates menace to the society. If this kind of content is deemed popular by people, it is pretty unnerving.

2. Makes outlandish claims

You might have found many peculiar people on the internet make a lot of claims, but cannot do anything when it comes to doing. For example, Hampton Brandon claims to be able to run faster than anyone in Kenya, that he’s the mayor of Austin, and much more. You can literally have a migraine problem from his lunacy, until you find it funny. This guy has no end to make stupid claims that people can make out as false.

3. The arrest warrants

Brandon was brought in for around six outstanding warrants and none of them were small-time or petty issues. These involved felonies and are on the record till today. ( You might even want to run a debate and talk for him, but you cannot argue with the amount of stupidity.

If you’re currently trying to look out for his YouTube channel, you won’t find it because it is banned. But you will find his videos on other channels to figure out what he lacks maturity.

4. He was detained during a live stream

Have you ever been punished and been proud it? Maybe not until you were Hampton Brandon! This guy was once detained due to a live video and was driven to the station house. He just doesn’t seem to stop talking things that add no value. He simply didn’t have to do things he did but still went on and that got him penalized.

5. He has escaped many times

No, not like he ran or escaped from jail, but he has been released many times by the police even after he racked up felonies. Thanks to the law, he somehow manages to get out of anything that he’s done. But once he committed a felony, it is pretty obvious that he’d be back at it after getting arrested. He simply paid $1,00,000 for his bail and got out of the trouble he was into. There is probably something wrong with the system, that allows this kind of misconduct.

6. He tried to fight while streaming live

People do a lot of unacceptable things to trend online, but beating someone up? Is that even supposed to be withstood? You might have to fight with someone to defend yourself or to calm down their aggressiveness. But not allowing a person to walk away and purposely trying to provoke a fight, is that even cool?

Hampton was once found at a department store being his usual self and causing trouble. He was trying to be disrespectful and adamant to fight someone. He was waiting outside the store to fight the man but someone called the cops, and they got into trouble.

7. He tried to break into a house

To what extent can you go to stream live and go viral on social sites? Brandon literally lost all respects the day he tried to crash into YouTuber Ice Poseidon’s patio furniture, when he wasn’t home. He screamed that he wanted to fight with him and also showed up at his home later, with four more guys to fight with him.

8. He gets confused when people call the police

Have you ever found troublemakers get confused about how wrong they are at what they do? Some people are so blinded that they don’t understand the difference between right and wrong. This is the same thing that happens with this guy every time people try to call the police. He doesn’t understand what wrong does he do that it needs to be addressed under the law?

9. He keeps escalating at troublemaking

People who don’t know anything cannot stop talking, while people who do, never talk. Brandon is a fine example of people who are stupid and cause trouble for other people. He keeps getting worse with the day, and that’s the reason why he has been banned on social platforms.

10. He also plays the victim

At this point, you’re either angry or laughing at a character like Hampton. He always tries to play the victim after the wrong thing he does and probably has even been able to get away with his pranks because of that.

It is important to understand the difference between good and bad content online and to tell those to your kids. Children pick these things up and don’t even understand that they are wrong.

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