How to Block YouTube Channels You Don’t Want to Stream

How to Block YouTube Channels

YouTube is the most used and popular website among internet users. You name something that you want to know about, and you will surely find it here. There are several channels, each by a different person, and the range of genres are vast too. However, it is difficult to understand how to block YouTube channels. A channel subscription keeps notifying you about the latest videos and attracts your attention. In this way, you never miss any video of your favorite channels. But the same can become irritating with continuous notifications, especially when you are busy somewhere or currently there is no usage of that channel.

So, what’s the solution when you want to switch it off for some time but don’t want to unsubscribe that channel? As YouTube doesn’t let you block unwanted channels just like you block problematic contacts in your mobile, let’s find out how to block YouTube videos, that are bothering you. It will enhance your viewing experience without interruption of specific videos and objectionable content.

Methods on how to block YouTube channels

The primary issue behind the videos is that YouTube is not aware if you enjoyed a specific video or not after watching it. In this article, you will find how to block a YouTube channel 2018 in a hassle-free manner.

1. Google Extensions

Google offers extensions for various purposes, and Video Blocker is one of the most reliable and efficient extension. It bans YouTube videos that are displayed after searching a specific word or words, which you do not wish to watch. There are three methods for adding YouTube channels in your block list using keyword, channel, or wildcard.

For keyword and wildcard, remember that both of them aren’t case sensitive. Wildcard blocks everything you type, whereas; Keyword blocks words after identification of the same related to a video title or YouTube Channel. And if you go for the Channel method, it prevents a YouTube channel by clicking in the ‘Add’ option and typing the channel name.

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2. Denying video recommendations on YouTube

Though this method of how to block YouTube channels, a person wouldn’t eliminate the entire channel, yet the chances are that you won’t be getting any video recommendations on your homepage. Thus, it will improve your viewing experience because that particular video that you don’t wish to see will not appear.

3. Using restricted mode

On YouTube, there are videos that users flag as inappropriate. When you turn in the restricted mode, it hides all the videos with such flagship. It will allow you to avoid such content. Also, YouTube includes different signals such as community guidelines, the title of the video, and other such messages that aren’t suitable for kids. To switch to restricted mode, there’s a “restricted mode: Off” button on the bottom of the YouTube page. Click on it to turn it on. In case you are using multiple accounts or browsers, it is essential to turn on “restricted mode” on each one.

4. YouTube app for Kids

It is another excellent way to large sensor amount of YouTube videos from your kids. YouTube Kids app is available on Google Play and Apple store. Specially designed for kids, it customizes the content suitable for young kids. The app is free but is accessible only in few countries such as the UK, US, Canada, and a few more.

5. Signing out of Google account

At a public or a workplace, you can sign out from your Google account. It will ensure the prevention of NSFW content. Also, if your kid is watching YouTube on any device, it is good to sign out from the Google account.

Over the years, YouTube has made several improvements in terms of content based on viewing patterns and habits of users. However, being the biggest database of videos, YouTube somewhere needs you to keep clicking around. Therefore, for blocking YouTube channels, it is required to use a third-party application.

Video blocker not only blocks YouTube channels right away but also enables your control over kind of channels that will be appearing on YouTube in the future.

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6. Incognito mode on YouTube

Incognito mode is usually the most overlooked feature, but it is beneficial to block unwanted YouTube content. The incognito mode works conveniently on both computers and smartphones though it is different in both cases.

Going incognito will prevent YouTube from tracking your watch history and the kind of content you prefer. In turn, it will automatically stop pushing channels and showing video recommendations on your YouTube home screen.

7. Controlling the content of YouTube Homepage

Before you switch to a third-party application to do the task, trying some conventional methods is worth it. Likewise, three dots appear on the YouTube video menu icon. Place your mouse there and click on “Not interested.” In the future, it will suggest videos that you have liked or subscribed to the respective channels.

8. Video Blocker

Information about Google extensions is given previously, with a gist of Video Blocker. The process of blocking YouTube channels is straightforward on all browsers. If you don’t want to see videos from a specific channel, right-click and choose “Block videos from this channel.” Eventually, all videos from that channel will no longer be shown.

An alternative to Video Blocker is clicking on the Extension icon of Video Blocker in Chrome and then Click on “Blocklist.” In this list, you can easily manage videos that you’ve blocked. To add new video to the blocklist, click on “Add new” and add YouTube channels manually to the block list.

Final thoughts

In short, Video blocker is the best when you are wondering how to block YouTube channels. Be it a concern about your privacy or care for kids, and all the methods work brilliantly. It not only saves your children from inappropriate content but also keeps you away from bothering video recommendations from the YouTube channels that you don’t prefer to watch. It is worth enough to keep yourself protected in the vulnerable internet world where everything is open and can be accessed easily by anyone.

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