The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star by Shane Dawson

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

The latest big thing from the beauty community of YouTube is the documentary series created on Jeffree Star by Shane Dawson. “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” trailer was released on September 24, 2019. Since then fans have been anticipating the whole video and it is time to discuss all of it.

Shane Dawson has created this documentary web series on the life of Jeffree Star as both of them embark on a journey to create Shane’s very own makeup line. Fans of Jeffree and Shane all around the globe have been hyped up regarding the documentary and the trailer itself crossed 10 million views within the first week of its release.

The series will feature Jeffree Star, the CEO, and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his personal and professional life, his friendship with Shane Dawson and various other friendships and relationships in his life. It also focuses on Shane Dawson as he explores the world of beauty with Jeffree to create his cosmetic line. The series also includes some controversial incidents from the beauty community of YouTube as it was filmed during the Tati Westbrooke and James Charles scandal. Read on to find out more about Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, and the viral documentary.

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a famous YouTube personality and an American beauty YouTuber and makeup artist. He gained immense popularity on the internet with over 15 million subscribers due to his beauty and makeup videos. He founded his own cosmetics line Jeffree Star Cosmetics and is also one of the highest-paid YouTubers according to Forbes.

Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson is a well-known YouTuber who rose to fame due to his comedy sketches and celebrity impersonations on YouTube. He joined YouTube when he was 19 and slowly gained prominence as a writer, actor, and comedian. He has over 21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is famous for his web series, documentaries, and more.

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson collaborated with Jeffree Star to release a 9 episode documentary web series on YouTube featuring themselves as they head on to create a brand new cosmetic line. It also features prominent figures from their lives including their respective boyfriends, friends, and their professional team. Shane Dawson and Andrew Siwicki are creators of the series. Andrew films the entire series and is also the co-narrator as they navigate through the beauty community and world of Jeffree Star.

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The premiere of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

The first episode of the web series premiered on October 1, 2019, and started gaining popularity within hours of its release. The one-hour episode focuses on how Shane gears up to explore the beauty industry, which he compares to the “mafia”. Let us check out what brewed in the part one of this series:

1. Shane prepping for the beauty community

Jeffree Star invited Shane Dawson to an event at a beauty store to introduce him to the world of beauty. Also, to announce to the public about their latest collaboration on producing Shane’s line of beauty products.

Shane is seen preparing himself for the event and his nervousness is visible. His boyfriend Ryland helps him through the process and supports him strongly. Shane gives the audience a glimpse of his wardrobe and beauty station which is filled with Jeffree Star merchandise.

Jeffree and Shane are supposed to fly out in Jeffree’s private jet to Sacramento for a meet-and-greet at a Morphe store. Shane wears a Jeffree Star tracksuit and gets ready for a whirlwind trip. Apparently, Jeffree has instructed Shane to wear Jeffree Star merchandise throughout the series.

Even though Shane is a popular YouTube sensation, he is apprehensive about being out and about in public surrounded by thousands of fans. But as a part of the series, they need to be up close and personal with viewers.

2. The private jet journey

Shane, Jeffree, and their entire team fly out for the beauty event in Jeffree’s private jet. Shane cannot contain his excitement and has some laughter-inducing moments, such as being too jittery to fasten his seatbelt! He also mentions that he is not very fond of flying and it is clearly visible by his overwhelmed expressions.

Shane and Jeffree sit next to each other in the jet and their camaraderie is endearing. Jeffree talks about how it is important to keep your head up in this industry as it is a “sink and swim” situation. He tells Shane that beauty influencers are often invited to such events. This is where the topic of James Charles crop up. If you are aware of the juicy scandal, you will know what it’s all about.

3. The foreboding drama and controversy

When Jeffree mentions “famous beauty influencers”, Shane asks Jeffree more about it. Jeffree gives an ambiguous response which leads the viewers to believe that the James Charles controversy will feature in the upcoming episodes and Shane will be involved in it to some extent. His life is interconnected to this so it has to bring up all about them. Viewers are pumped up to see more footage which will shed light on the controversy from behind the scenes.

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4. Shane freaking out before the meet-and-greet

As they get ready for the meet-and-greet after reaching Sacramento, Shane is seen panicking as he is clearly worried about his public appearance. Both Jeffree and Shane are seen getting their makeup done for their appearance. They also show a snippet of a conversation between Shane, Jeffree, and Jeffree’s makeup artist and friend.

They are seen discussing makeup for Shane’s upcoming venture. Shane also comments on how “fat” he is throughout the episode and shares an incident about a time he ripped off his jeans accidentally. But all his nervousness is for naught as the fans are in a palpable frenzy to see them.

5. At the Morphe event

They reach the event launching Jeffree’s Morphe brush and there were thousands of fans screaming and waving all around. It is understandable as two major influential YouTubers are seen together at a highly anticipated event. Shane is in awe and tries to keep up with the sight. Inside the store, he is seen browsing through the products and is uncertain about his venture into the unfamiliar territory.

Shane trust’s Jeffree Star to rise to the occasion and hype up his friend. He makes an announcement to the fans that they will soon be seeing a Shane Dawson eye shadow palette. While Shane may seem uncertain about his career in the beauty industry, the screaming fans and his millions of YouTube subscriptions prove otherwise.

6. Wrapping It All Up

As the episode comes towards the end, we see a teaser for what is coming next. It hints at Jeffree explaining to Shane how the makeup industry works and what all goes into planning your brand and creating your own merchandise.

“The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star” is already on its way to success. It is one of the most anticipated series and is Trending on #1 on YouTube. Shane Dawson managed to create yet another outstanding docuseries by managing to bag Jeffree Star. He also teased the fans by giving them an insider scoop of the highly coveted beauty guru’s personal as well as professional life. It also highlights the friendship between Jeffree and Shane as well as important relationships in their respective lives. This series is a delight for fans of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson as well as the entire beauty community of YouTube.

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