How Jeffree Star Transformed into Jeff Dolan for a Day

Jeff Dolan

What would you do if you had to switch lives with a person and live like them for a day? You’d realize what it is to be in someone’s shoes, explore your capabilities, and also have lots of fun. YouTube sensation Jeffree Star recently took up the challenge to switch lives with the Dolan Twins, and that’s how ‘Jeff Dolan’ came to life.

Now, if you’ve carefully followed both Jeffree Star and the Dolan Twins, you’d have an idea of how their lives are absolutely different. With more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube, Jeffree Star has way more to offer to the internet than just tips on makeup. His personality, sense of style, sexual preference, way of talking, builds the character he has, and that’s what attracts most followers.

Getting into the skin of Jeff Dolan was challenging for Star, primarily due to his femininity. Check out all that he did for a day to get out his comfort zone and become a Dolan brother!

Jeffree Star transformation into Jeff Dolan

On September 18, Jeffree Star uploaded the video Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins that filmed how he transformed into Jeff Dolan for a day. Check out how all of it happened:

1. Taking content to the next level

At the beginning of the video, Jeffree Star tells his followers how Shane Dawson changed his life by asking him to push his content to the next level. He also said how he was inspired by his video Switching Lives With Trisha Paytas, and that’s why he thought of doing the same.

To push his challenge to the next level, Jeffree Star decided to become a “full man,” and according to him, the Dolan Twins were perfect for this.

2. Facial transformation

The next part of the video was shot as Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan came over to Jeffree Star’s mansion. Jeffree welcomed them and wished he could drive a jeep, like the Dolans. He then said his transformation is going to be done by Lipstick Nic who had also done his body paint video. There was also a wig master who braided his natural hair and added a wig to make it look identical to Grayson Dolan. Since Jeffree has light and thin eyebrows, he needed eye wigs to make them as big as the Dolans have.

3. Wearing your nightmare

After going through his facial transformation, Jeffree Star went in front of the mirror, and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

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The video then streamed right in his famous pink vault where his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt was introduced to Jeff Dolan. Nathan’s instant reaction was, “Oh! Wow” and he said that the look is really good. Ethan asked Nathan if Jeffree was looking like Jeff Dolan, and he said, “definitely.”

Star asked Nathan to dress him, and he got him a sleeveless gym tee, a pair of shorts, and a pair of socks. Jeffree went “what the hell” because he hasn’t worn such clothes since sixth grade.

Once he changed and came, everyone in the room was surprised to see how he looks. But the most unexpected reaction that Jeff received was from his dogs – they didn’t recognize him.

4. “Let’s go pump some iron.” 

After a windy ride inside the Dolan’s jeep, the three of them reached the gym and it was time for C4. It is a pre-workout drink that the twins regularly have, and it was new to Star.

The first exercise they tried was chin up, and Jeffree was asked to do five. Since he’s been out of workout for far too long, it was pretty tough for him to complete it.

The next one was even more difficult as Jeff had to go up a rope only with his hands. Grayson showed him how to do it, but Jeff couldn’t last more than a second. He tried once more and this time with legs, which helped him go up a little. It pumped up his spirits and then it was time for bench press.

Grayson introduced Jeff to bench press, and he had to lift 130 lbs, which was equal to his body weight. He couldn’t do it, so the Dolans lightly held the rod for him. Jeff continued by only using the rod (and not the weight) to get the feel of what bench press was. But the next one was much more dreadful than any other exercise. It was the handstand, and Jeff fell twice while trying to do it. At this point, his spirit and enthusiasm were all that could keep him going, and you will give him credits for that!

Jeffree hurt his elbows but didn’t want to give up. His willingness helped him run almost at par with Grayson, and that’s how they ended the gym routine.

5. Post-workout food

Next, it was time for some protein shake, and the picky eater in Jeffree found the attempt daunting. But as soon as he liked the smell, he sipped the shake and said that he liked it. He could taste ‘liquid resins,’ and that’s what made the drink tasty according to him.

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Next, they had turkey, and Grayson warned Jeff that it’s not going to be tasty, but he needs the nutrition. Jeff started his meal by saying “Bon Appetit’’ but ended up exclaiming, “there’s no flavor!”

6. Skateboarding time

Jeff has never tried skateboarding, and he was pretty scared to find Ethan do it like a pro. He said, “I am doomed,” and called Nathan and asked him to take care of the dogs (as if he were to die)! They made a smart move by trying the basics at the sport, but it was not something Jeff could excel in an hour.

7. Going out to the ice cream parlor

Probably out of all the difficult things Jeffree Star tried to do through the day, this was the toughest. He had to go out in the open (even if that was in disguise) and order dairy-free ice cream.

They hit the streets, but Jeff was uncomfortable all through the walk. Right before entering he said, “There are people in there,” exclaiming he’d never have gone into a public place like that. But his mood completely changed when the girl in the counter recognized him and said he is looking “really good”. It lightened the mood for Star, and he shook her hands, saying, “I am Jeff Dolan now.”

There were a couple of fans outside the parlor who noticed them and stared in awe. They clicked selfies and then it was time for the last meal of the day. Jeffree liked the dairy-free choco-chip ice cream, and it was time to discuss how his day went.

8. What was it to become Jeff Dolan

The Dolan brothers asked Jeff what his experience was and if he had any good characteristics to takeaway. Jeffree admitted that he should be healthier as that’s lacking in his life. He also admitted to having not worked out for three years consistently, and also that saying “I’m too busy is not good enough.”

Final thoughts

Jeffree Star shot the last part of his video in his vault and said that the Dolans are incredibly hardworking. He admires how they have achieved so much at such a young age and called them inspiring. He also said that the challenge was difficult for him because he is very different from them.

Jeffree Star is proud to transform into Jeff Dolan as it gave him lessons to learn. He also spilled the beans about how the Dolans were next to live his life and that they were to turn into the ‘Star triplets’. Head to their respective YouTube channels to find both the videos!

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