The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star by Shane Dawson

the dangerous world of jeffree star

The second episode of the trending video series shared by Shane Dawson, about the life of Jeffree Star, is out. We told you about the first video, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, and now it is time for the next. This one is ‘The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star’, and might already make you curious about what it’s got to reveal.

Shane Dawson created his latest series documenting the personal and professional life of Jeffree Star, the acclaimed makeup guru. Alongside Jeffree, Shane undertakes the project of launching his own make-up palette. The series depicts their journey and the entire process.

The video also highlights many important events in both Shane and Jeffree’s lives. Their friends, family, partners, and professional crew are all a part of the show. The series also includes details of the recent YouTube controversies and gives an idea of Shane and Jeffree’s involvement in the same. Prominent YouTube figures are mentioned which makes the series more juicy for the viewers.

The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star

So far, Jeffree introduced Shane to the world of make-up and announced their collaboration to the public. They discuss the concepts and ideas of Shane’s palette called Conspiracy and the experts are in the process of creating the sample products for their approval. This sums up the previous events of the documentary.

The new episode titled The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star is filled with lots of twists and turns. It has most definitely been a challenging and crucial time for their journey. Read on to find out what drama and surprises were in store for Shane and Jeffree.

Shane and the cat controversy

The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star begins right after the infamous cat controversy surrounding Shane. It shows the aftermath of the situation and how Shane is deeply disturbed by the scandal. Shane is shown sitting in his living room and discussing the situation with his friends. He is baffled by the accusations of animal abuse. His joke was misconstrued and he had to apologize publicly. He seems upset that people actually thought that he was messing around with his cat.

Shane was also upset about the fact that he was trending at number one on Twitter and people were saying that his career was over. He lamented over the fact that he had to apologize every time and everything that he did backfired due to some reason or the other. His friends suggest him not to take those things seriously and continue being who he is. Luckily, his boyfriend’s parents are quite supportive of him and have his back. At this point, there’s a glimpse of a surprise that is waiting to happen. It is enough to keep the viewers hooked.

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A screenshot of a conversation between Shane and his boyfriend’s mother is displayed on the screen. It’s clear that they are talking about a proposal. Shane has planned a proposal for his boyfriend Ryland but due to the cat controversy, things have turned stressful. Ryland’s mother asks Shane if he’s still planning to carry on with the proposal. In the end, Shane seems to be in a better state of mind and plans on the proposal. Also, venting to his friends helped him with the situation. Finally, Shane decides not to overthink and put it all behind him. But he gets another shock the very next morning.

What happens the next morning?

The very next morning, as the cat debacle subsided, Shane got a voice message from Jeffree. Shane was checking his Twitter and was pleased to see that he is no longer trending on number one. But at that exact moment, Jeffree drops a bomb on him. In his voice note, he mentioned that a robbery took place the previous night. He was quite stressed and revealed that one million worth of products were stolen from their warehouse. Shane was shocked to hear that and had trouble processing the entire situation. It was one setback after the other.

Once they met, Jeffree said that he suspected it was an inside job and they had people plotting against them. Somebody had cut a human-sized hole, entered the storage, disabled the camera, and stolen makeup worth 2.5 million. Jeffree strongly suspected that the vendetta was personal as the intruders took some Red Bull with them instead of stealing more valuable products.

The robbers were trying to convey a message and Jeffree had consequently tightened the security. He arranged for guards to be on duty 24/7. He even had people armed with rifles for extra safety. Shane and Jeffree seemed quite convinced that some people held a grudge against both of them. They wanted to sabotage their careers and ruin their image. Jeffree was in his no-nonsense mode and that’s how we saw him almost throughout the video.

The Conspiracy Palette

Amidst all the ‘dangerous’ drama, there were some delightful moments for the fans when they saw Jeffree and Shane trying out the palette shades. Jeffree and Shane tested shade after shade, approved the ones they liked and created a layout for Shane’s Conspiracy palette.

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Jeffree was in his element, arranging all the shades in a mesmerizing manner. Shane’s expression of awe was truly relatable. Jeffree was born to do this! By watching The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star, one thing was for sure – whatever the setbacks, the Conspiracy palette is going to be epic. It was inspired by all the little elements that make up Shane and his life. Each shade has a story and inspiration behind it.

Fans will be going gaga over the palette as they can’t hold onto the excitement already. We can only imagine the uproar when they launch the Conspiracy palette. Fans are holding their breath in anticipation, and with all the drama uncovering, it makes the product much more attention-grabbing.

Ending it on a good note

Although The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star was a wild roller coaster ride with emotions running high, it ended on a good note. Shane took Ryland out with their friends and Ryland’s sister. Shane coordinated with Ryland’s sister to carry out his proposal. On the pretense of taking their photos, Ryland’s sister asked both of them to stand together and pose.

The happy couple posed for some lovely shots. Ryland seemed to be having fun but Shane was clearly nervous. Finally, Shane took the leap, went down on one knee and proposed! It was a beautiful and heartwarming moment.

Despite all the drama, Shane was able to have a memorable and magical moment. He was able to overcome a bad situation and went on to achieve an important milestone in his life. Shane and Ryland’s engagement was definitely the highlight of The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star.

This part highlighted both the bright and dark aspects of the make-up industry. Shane and Jeffree trying out the palette shades for approval was a thrilling process in itself. But on the other hand, the robbery showcased the dark side of the business. It reminds us of Shane’s comparison of the cosmetics industry to the mafia. But at the end of it all, fans are more excited than ever to watch the next part.

Final thoughts

Shane and Andrew have outdone themselves with this documentary. The editing is fantastic and the whole concept is gripping. From the intro music to the post-credits, the video has fine details and looks highly professional. Jeffree being Jeffree brings the oomph to the series and Shane is the guy we all can relate to. He has truly hit the jackpot with this one and fans are excited to see what Shane and Jeffree are up to in the next episode.

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