Want to become a LIC agent? Here are all the skills you need to have

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Life Insurance Corporation or LIC is among the first choice for many people when they consider taking insurance. It is also a source of income for many people who take up this line as a career. If you are thinking of how to become lic agent, this article will serve as a guide to take you a step closer to achieving your objective.

Before we deliberate on the skills needed to become a LIC agent, it is very important to understand the eligibility criterion for becoming a successful agent.

If the idea of how to become a LIC agent is rattling your mind, you need to be 12th class pass with a minimum age of 18 years. The LIC development officer in your area is the appropriate person to get in touch to understand the key requirements of becoming a LIC agent. The branch manager conducts an interview of the probable candidates in most cases and those found successful are sent to further training. This is a 50 hours training, post which the candidates have to clear an examination organized by Indian Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. Candidates who are able to successfully clear this examination are appointed as LIC office as the agents.

Skills required to become LIC agent

Clearing the Indian Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority examination might be the first step in the way of becoming a successful LIC agent but it does require a lot of effort on the part of examination to be a successful LIC agent.

  1. Disciplined

To be a successful LIC agent, the person needs to be disciplined. The task of connecting with a new person to enroll for a policy has to be taken up as a mission and the agent needs to follow all the regulations in the true spirit. A person will only buy an insurance policy from the agent when they feel that the agent is true to their job and will be helpful in solving their queries in future too, as and when they arise.

  1. Persistence and Patience
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Selling a life insurance policy is always a difficult task. A person will not buy the policy easily. A lot of patience and persistence to sell the policy is required in the agent. The idea should be able to handle the pressure and sell off the policy with a smile.

  1. Updated on all the developments in the market

An agent would be considered successful only when they are updated on all the developments in the market. They should have deep-rooted knowledge on all the products in the offering by LIC and should be able to convince the client to purchase the same. Knowledge of different LIC schemes and the desire to ensure that the customers get the maximum benefit will definitely take you a step closer to becoming a successful LIC agent.

  1. Self Motivated

To be a successful LIC agent, a person needs to be self-motivated. Selling off a LIC policy is similar to selling a product in the shop. The customer will buy the same only when they feel that the seller is confident about the product they are selling. Self-motivation is the key to success here and the agent should always be highly spirited and motivated. You can even consider attending motivational sessions by speakers and invest in increasing your knowledge base.

  1. Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a necessity when it comes to selling the LIC policy. A person with a shy nature will never be able to convince the client to buy the policy. They should possess good communication skills and should be an avid communicator in order to be successful in their field.

  1. Should be a rapport builder
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Selling off a product is all about having a good rapport with the clients. This is true even when it comes to selling LIC policies. If you are able to build a good rapport with your customer, they are likely to refer more people in their social circle for buying the policy.

The insurance sector is growing at a fast pace and if you possess the above-mentioned skills, the road to success will be fairly smooth for you.


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