How to get a new Social Security card?

how to get a new Social Security card

In the digital era, if any of us loses our purse, which had our Social Security card in it, we will feel at risk. It is not like it doesn’t happen to people, but you might find it very difficult to get it back. You first need to calm down and then take quick action. Here, we will tell you what steps to take and how to get a new Social Security card.

The very first thing you need to do when you lose the Social Security card is to call the nearest police station and file theft report. Next, call the Social Security Administration (SSA) and request them for a replacement.

How do I get a replacement Social Security card?

You can apply for Social Security card online free through the official website of SSA if you lose yours. You need to meet certain criteria or you have to add certain documents for the application process to be successful. Check out the steps to do so:

  1. Know what are the original documents that you need to validate your citizenship, identity, and age. You will find the list on the website.
  2. Fill out the application and take a print.
  3. Take the documents or mail it to the SSA. You need to present the real documents to them.

Credentials for replacement of Social Security Card

To get the replacement card, you need to visit My Social Security account in SSA website. You then need to go through their steps to request a replacement card. You can also use this website to request a replacement card when you:

  1. are a citizen of the US and above 18 years old and have mailing address
  2. do not want to change your name or anything else
  3. have a legit or current driver’s license or card issued by the state from most of the US states or District of Columbia. There are many states like Alabama, Utah, Hawaii, that are not eligible for this – Know if you are or not.
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What you need to present

To figure out how to get a new Social Security card you need an email address along with a home address. You need and valid identification document. It will include your birth date, address, and ID of proof. It can include:

  • Record of birth at a hospital in the US
  • A religious record that includes the date of birth and issued by the age of five
  • A valid passport of the US
  • A final adoption decree that shows that birth data was taken from birth certificate

You will face exceptions when you don’t have the necessary documents of identification or you can’t get them for some reasons. The SSA accepts other types of ID that show your biographical data and legal name.

The acceptable types of ID include US military ID card, US Certificate of Naturalization, medical certificate, employee ID card, health insurance card, school ID card, Medicaid card.

The alternative documents we listed above needs to be original or attested copies from respective issuing agencies. SSA will not allow photocopied identity cards or unnotarized documents. The receipts that state you applied for a valid form of ID is not accepted either.

Once you get all the credentials established, you need to fill out SSA’s downloadable replacement card form. The document must be signed, dated, printed, and then mailed or brought to the Social Security card office. You can locate the closest SSA office near you from their official website.

Once your application is complete and information verified, SSA will send the replacement card to the home address. The new card will have your name and the old Social Security number.

How to get a new Social Security card on the same day as lost?

It is not possible for the SSA to supply you a replacement card on the day you lose it. The process takes around 10 to 14 business day, so you will have to wait for one week. The quickest way to change the card is to send an online request. You might get it within 8 to 10 days by going digital.

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How to avoid Social Security fraud?

Once you get the replacement of your Social Security card, you should keep it in a safe place for security and don’t carry it unless you need it. Losing a Social Security card is critical and since you don’t have to use it often, it is better to not take it along wherever you go.

The experts at Social Security say that the cards are irrelevant in our digital era and people should find ways to protect their personal details from frauds. If any criminal gets through to your Social Security number, it can be easy for them to identify you. If you lose the card, you need to take quick action to protect yourself from a financial fraud.

As there is a risk related to ID theft, if you lose your card you need to freeze it at three significant credit report agencies. This will prevent anyone from leveraging your Social Security number to access credit or establish an account on your name.

It is not a smart idea to take the Social Security card everywhere unless you go out to fill an application where you need to present it. You can take a photo of the Social Security card and use it for reference any time you need the number or make a photocopy to present somewhere. If your device is protected with a password, it will not be a problem.

To prevent a Social Security fraud, you need to make sure the number doesn’t show up on other ID cards like health insurance or car insurance. You also need to make sure that the driver’s license is not the same as the Social Security number or even your account number.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to get a new Social Security card and the layer of safety it needs. Once you get it, you must review the Social Security Earnings Statement and repeat again after a year. Keeping a regular track will alert you about a possible breach or fraud. Download the statement at “My Account” part of the SSA official website – it is that simple!

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