How to Handle Cases of Assaults in Canada

Handle Cases of Assaults in Canada

Everyday people go through bad experiences that can cause them pain, loss of life, or property. Some persons get into a fight with bullies and some get sexually abused. Imagine cases of rape and how the victims feel. It’s so disheartening to think that for some reason, one gets threatened to the point that they become emotionally unstable as a result of this. Here is how to handle cases of Assaults in Canada.

These acts are generally referred to as assault and can take place indirectly or directly. It is simply making someone do something by force; against the person’s will or without their consent, directly or indirectly. It can also extend to threatening someone or even physically harming them. These acts are bad and remain punishable under Canadian law.

Have you been attacked and feel traumatized by the whole thing? Whether it was deliberately planned or not, as long as there are serious injuries and damages, you can be sure to have a claim issued to you. You can look up a claims guide to help you understand this better.

Forms of Assaults in Canada

Various forms exist and can be treated lawfully at different levels. We have discussed some below:

  1. Verbal assault. This occurs through word of mouth. It is non-physical but inflicts mental, emotional, or psychological injuries. 
  2. Simple assault. Weapons may not be used here but there are injuries that may be caused to the victim in a minimal state as a result.
  3. Physical assault. This entails some physical harm. This could occur before a major assault like aggravated assault.
  4. Sexual assault. This involves forcing the victim against their will to engage in a sexual act; as seen in cases of molestation or rape.
  5. Aggravated assault. This is a more serious state of physical assault. It involves the use of a weapon to inflict injuries on the victim. It can also occur with an increased force on the victim. For instance, serious blows or punches can cause a victim to lose an eye.
  6. Felonious assault. There is always employment of a weapon in this case. It is an unlawful attempt to attack or attack by using violence which causes physical injury to another person. There is usually contact that gives room for immediate medical attention.

What then are the kinds punishable by Canadian Law?

Types of Assault that Can be Charged in Canada

The following are considered and recognized as an assault that is punishable under Canadian law.

  • Assault with a weapon of inflicting bodily harm (section 267)
  • Assaulting  a peace officer (section 270-270.02)
  • Aggravated assault (section 268)
  • Assaulting a public transit operator (section 269.01)

How to Deal with Assaults in Canada

In handling assaults, you must be able to consider the kind of attack involved as well as damages created. The following are ways of handling it generally.

Understand the Level of Assaults in Canada

Like earlier mentioned, you need to know the extent it created. For instance, in cases of sexual assault, it entails taking advantage of someone’s body in a forceful manner. This leads to severe consequences like emotional trauma, depression, contraction of STD’s, or even pregnancy. This is a major case and you must not take it lightly. Do not wait till you feel depressed before taking due actions.

Get Help/ Medical treatment

Some assaults can leave you with severe bodily damages and you must be able to stay alive first. For instance, if you got into a fight with a gang of bullies who made you bleed, try seeking help to ensure you are in a good state of health.  For sexual assaults, get medical help immediately; the health practitioners would know exactly how to treat you. If you require medical attention, get it but be sure to keep proof of expenses and essential evidence.

Take it to Law

Yes, there is always a provision to get legal assistance for assault cases. In Canada, there is a high value for personal safety and that is why the law lends support to victims. You will need to talk to a personal injury lawyer who would put you through the whole process. Your injury lawyer can help you get a claim which will get you compensation for any of your losses. 

You can also get compensated for pain incurred as well as for personal care. Your medical bills and repairs can also be taken care of. Some punishments for assaults in law can include the following;

  • For very severe cases that led to death or severe injuries, the attacker can be sentenced to jail
  • The attacker can be fined for damages 
  • There could be a probation period given for the attacker to make peace with the victim
  • The attacker can be subjected to some anger management counseling sessions and some other punishments depending on the degree. 

You can learn more about punishments for assaults in Canada from the link below:

Keep Important Documents

For you to be able to file a case, you should have something to stand as evidence. You can get pictures from damaged property or a medical report of injury caused. Test results, medical treatments, even up to psychological treatments for cases of sexual assaults. These documents are useful when issuing compensation to the victims.

Plan Against Similar Experiences in Future

You can go ahead to learn about some defense mechanisms; try having some aids like pepper sprays to wade off some hoodlums. You can also consider knowing the emergency lines applicable in your state to get help when needed. Be sure to watch out for suspicious movements around you as some assaults are planned. If it is a case of sexual assault like molestation, you may need to plan for an escape to get to safety first. Change your environment. Get the police involved and file a case. 


It is normal to feel bad after a case of assaults in Canada but the reassuring feeling that comes with getting justice can go a long way in the healing process. Do not ever bottle up your feelings if you have been assaulted, the earlier you talk about it, the faster you’ll heal or get better. Be sure to make the right decision to take your case to law. You can always find closure when justice is served.

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