How To Keep Your Dog Happy When You Live In A Small Apartment

How To Keep Your Dog Happy When You Live In A Small Apartment

So you got yourself a dog but have a small apartment. As much as you love your pooch, you are worried about him feeling suffocated, and you feel overwhelmed dealing with all the responsibilities of being a new pet parent.

Worry not! You can still make this work. These 8 tricks will teach you how to help your dog adjust to your small apartment and still be a happy pooch. Read on to find out!

1. Purchase Basic Necessities

For your dog to settle into your lovely abode, he’ll need some basic necessities. The list below sums it all up:

  • Dog food
  • Dog food and water bowls
  • Dog bed
  • As many chew toys as possible
  • Toys to play with such as balls and Frisbees
  • Dog collar and leash
  • ID tag
  • Grooming kits which include brushes, nail clippers, etc.
  • Dog crate for traveling and training

Don’t forget to bring your dog along. Maybe your furry critter can direct you to the kind of foods or toys he likes.

2. Make a Schedule

You can make your dog a schedule for eating, exercising, playing, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. Getting him into a routine will teach him what to expect and when.

Furthermore, having a routine that works around your own busy schedule will help you manage all the responsibilities in your work and personal life.

3. Take Your Dog out for Daily Exercise

In general, dogs of every breed should be exercised at least 30-45 minutes a day. Small dogs can often get their fair share of exercise by running around the house.

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Unfortunately, bigger dogs need to be taken out many times a day to get their daily dose of exercise.

Take your big dog hiking, walking or playing fetch. Make sure to do this every day unless you want a hyperactive dog in the house trying to chew out the furniture to release pent up energy.

4. Give Your Dog His Own Space

Dogs have a natural instinct to den for security. To make your dog comfortable, give him his own space by laying out a dog bed, some blankets, toys, food and water bowls.

If you are still wondering why despite your best efforts to get your dog the perfect bed still makes him want to sleep in yours, you are probably doing it wrong. Check out this complete guide which talks about elevated dog beds for large breeds for a solution to your bed related woes.

Additionally, always keep an eye on your dog around toys to ensure he never chokes on any of the parts.

5. Hire a Pet Sitter

If you spend a lot of time at work and have some extra cash to afford a good pet sitter, go for it! A pet sitter will give your dog the attention and exercise he needs to stay happy and healthy.

Remember to be very selective of the person you choose to look after your dog.

6. Free up Some Space in Your Apartment

If you have a small apartment and a large dog, this is the time to embrace minimalism. Scrutinize the outlook of your apartment and do a thorough spring clean. Remove items you don’t need by selling them off or storing them in the garage or attic.

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Furthermore, try repositioning your furniture to create space until you get a suitable arrangement that is convenient for both you and your dog.

7. Keep Harmful Substances out Of Your Dog’s Reach

The average house has lots of poisons that could potentially kill a dog. Garlic, chocolate, pills, essential oils just scratch the top of a long list of harmful substances that should be kept out of your dog’s reach at all times.

To combat the threat, place a lock on your fridge and cabinets to prevent your dog from accessing them. Moreover, use baby gates to seal off sections of the house where you wouldn’t want your dog in when you aren’t around.

Always have a pet first aid kit on hand just in case.

8. Interact With Your Dog

Dogs need attention and affection to thrive. Always set aside some time from your schedule to be with your dog. Even if you are busy all day, a few hours on the couch watching TV with your dog will mean the world to him.


You might have tried your best to train your over-excited dog into a well-mannered one. However, there will still be times you are going to be disappointed.

Try to be patient with your dog anyway and observe his behavioral patterns to figure out why he might be acting up. The closer you are to the root of the problem, the easier it will be to find a cure.

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