Christmas Murder Mystery Game Party

Mystery Game Party

Are you in a mood to have some fun with your closest friends? Believe it or not, but one of the most popular games that can help you achieve that is the murder mystery game party. If you’ve watched the Big Bang Theory, you’ve probably seen the episode where Raj wants to convince his friends to play the game, but they all have something better to do. They act as if they don’t find it fun.

That’s not the truth in reality, though. These types of games can be extremely fun and can last a while until the murderer is caught. But, in between, a lot can happen, and you’ll be able to discover a lot of information. These types of interactive games can help you meet new people, learn to solve crimes, and above everything else, help you have an amazing Christmas, for example, with your loved ones. 

So, let’s say that you’ve decided to host the game at your house. Some preparations are in order first. If you really want to awe your friends, you need to cover certain steps before actually playing the game. Here’s what you need to know: 

Choose a theme

Choose a theme

When choosing a theme, keep in mind how many players you want to invite and the wide range of interests represented among those who will actually play the game. A game’s outcome may often be influenced by the theme chosen for it, which should be done with consideration. Suppose some of your guests bring you their favorite movie, television show, or book. In that case, you may be able to utilize it as motivation. For example, if you are throwing a Christmas party and want everyone to have an amazing time, you should make it a Christmas-themed game. 

After you’ve gone over your common interests and rejected any options that don’t have enough characters for the number of people you’re inviting, choose the notion that most fascinates you and make it the subject of your gathering. It can be quite easy for things to progress once the theme has been established. Why have a dull Christmas party when you can spice it up with an excellent game of finding the murderer? Follow this link to learn more helpful tips

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Create a storyline

Create a storyline

Now is your moment to shine. You need to create a captivating storyline for your guests.

Alternatively, if you want to save time on preparation, there are various pre-written murder mystery scenarios accessible online. Nevertheless, if you want to save money while also being more original, creating your own narrative may be a lot more fun for the guests.

It is critical for a murder mystery narrative to have a beginning, middle, and conclusion. Not only that, you’ll need an opening that will draw your guests in, as well as description cards for every character so that they can completely immerse themselves in who they’re portraying. You also need to have evidence cards that will include vital clues that will help your guests get closer to solving the case.

Lastly, there are the response cards, which you will be able to see once all of the visitors have reached an agreement on who the culprit was.


An invitation is required for any event, and this is where you can be creative and stand out from everyone else.

Well, before your guests arrive, your invitation, in the proper hands, will set the tone for your party even before they arrive. Suppose you have a specific topic in mind that would be perfect for this. In that case, you can get creative using all kinds of different materials that will make the invitations appealing. If you are celebrating Christmas, then the invitations should have that kind of feel to them. 

It is necessary to provide the date, time, and place of the party on every invitation, as well as RSVP information. This way you’ll know for sure who’s coming and who can’t make it to the party at all. Additionally, this approach allows you to include other information, such as the necessary costumes that have to be worn, etc. 

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Bring in the food

No party is ever complete without food. Sure, you can have drinks all night, but at some point, your guests will get hungry. You, as an amazing host, have to provide food as well. Since your murder mystery party is Christmas-themed, you can cook in advance meals that have to do with that holiday. Surely, everyone will love this! 

This way, while everyone is having a good time, they can snack and eat in between. This whole experience can end up being amazing for everyone involved, especially your guests. It will be a Christmas party that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Tips for playing

The first thing you should encourage your guests is to always stay in character. Once the game begins, they can forget about their real names and start acting as the characters chosen for the game. As long as everyone is sticking to the script and playing a particular character well, the entire game will be a success in the end. 

As mentioned above, some murder mystery games can last for hours, depending on how fast your guests discover the culprit. But, the more it lasts, the eager your guests will be to discover the truth. It’s no fun when the murderer is revealed right away. 


It’s quite easy to organize the best Christmas murder mystery game for you and your friends. All need to have is the desire to make it happen, and it will. The more engaged you are in providing an amazing experience, the more memorable the whole thing will be. 

After all, Christmas parties can sometimes become boring and repetitive, so adding a twist with Mystery Game Party to yours will definitely inspire your friends and loved ones to have an amazing time. So good luck with all the planning Mystery Game Party and have a great time as well! 

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