How to Remove Scratches from Car and Maintain It

how to remove scratches from car

If you are a regular user of the car, chances are that your car will get scratches from time to time, due to various unfavorable reasons. While some people like to be extra careful about their cars, some still find it difficult to drive it around without getting any scratches. Car scratches can happen due to accidents, poor ability to park, vandalism and many more. Surely, a car is one of the most important assets of a working person and keeping them intact is one of the prime requirements in our lives.S

So, how to remove scratches from a car? Do you need to take it to the servicing center and invest a giant amount of money on it again? Well, that depends on how badly your car got scratched and how dexterous you are in taking care of those wounds. Here we will look at the different things we can do to get rid of the scratches from our cars.

How to Remove Scratches from Car At Home

Yes! It is possible to get the scratches of your car fixed at home, with a little help from friends and the internet. Like we discussed before, whether a car scratch can be fixed at home depends on the magnitude of the scratch– its depth and length. If the scratches are not too deep, you can surely remove them with the help of a few steps.

Firstly, like in any human wound, you need to wash the wound/scratches in your car. Make sure there is no more dust or dirt attached to the surface of the car, which can lead to further minor scratches. Once this first step is done, you can have a better idea of the depth of the scratch. If it is a light scratch, you can get some toothpaste and smear it on top of the scratches. Please remember that this process will only work if the scratches are light and haven’t cut through the top layer of paint on your car.

In case of deeper scratches, you need to work a little harder. The next piece of equipment that you will need is good quality sandpaper (both 400 and 600). Once you have washed the car scratches and dried the water, use the sandpaper (400) on top of the scratches to make them even. Next, you will need to find some primer that you should apply over the smoothened scratch area. Complete the process by using sandpaper (600) on top of the primer to smoothen the surface. Keep the scratch area covered with tape and polymer so that it is left undisturbed. Further, you can use 2-3 layers of spray paint on top of that to give it a new look.

How to Remove Scratches from Car Bumper

People get scratches on their car bumper very easily. It is the most common form of scratch that happens quite frequently to people and needs quick fixing at home. Taking the car to the repair center not only costs a whole lot of money but also causes inconvenience as the repairers like to keep the car with them for a day or two.

Here we will see how to remove scratches from car bumper without seeking help from the professionals.

  1. Before you can start working on the scratch, you need to cover the areas around the scratch with a mask in order to protect the outlying areas from the spray paint that you will apply.
  2. Use sandpaper to smoothen the area of the scratch. The kind of sandpaper you will use should depend on the depth of the scratch. Apply a little pressure with your fingers and keep rubbing the affected areas with sandpaper until they are made even.
  3. The next step is to clean. Use a wet towel to wipe the affected area and get rid of the extra dust due to rubbing with the sandpaper. It is best to use wax remover to clean the place properly.
  4. For the areas that still haven’t smoothened, use a thin layer of putty to fill the scratches. Once the putty has hardened, use sandpaper again to smoothen it out. You can repeat this step multiple times to get a better finish.
  5. Next, use a scuff pad and rub it on top of the affected area to give it a better polish. Scuffing the area under repair will help in keeping the new paint intact for a longer period of time.
  6. Apply several layers of primer on the affected area. Use sandpaper again to take off the extra load and smoothen the surface. You can further use spray paint to get back the polished look of your car bumper.
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How to Remove Deep Scratch from Car

A deep scratch on the car is bound to break your heart and spoil your mood for the day, especially if you are amongst the people who share special relationships with their car. A scratch is considered ‘deep’ when it cuts through the clear coat and extends to the primer. You will find yourself brainstorming for how to remove scratches from car. Do not worry; here we will discuss a few steps, which will help you to get rid of deep scratches as these.

1. Scratch Repair Kits

Getting a handy scratch repair kit for your car will be the best idea for repairing a deep scratch. High-end scratch repair kits come with a scratch-filler, which you can apply on the deep scratches to fill them.

2. Apply Toothpaste

Toothpastes contain abrasive properties that are useful for smoothening out car scratches. It works like a better form of sand paper and will definitely help in healing the scratches of your car.

3. Mask Affected Area with Tape

One easy solution for hiding deep scratches is by applying the same color duct tape to the affected portions of your car. Though this will not work if the scratch spreads through the entire length of the car, it is surely a quick hack to fix your deep scratches temporarily.

How to Fix Deep Scratches on Car Door

Deep scratches are instant pain for car lovers. If you love your car, you must feel very angry and sad whenever you notice a single scratch on your car. No matter how carefully or slow you drive, scratches are bound to end up on your shining baby. Therefore it is necessary to know what to do when you observe deep scratches on your car.

You may have read earlier about how to remove scratches from car, and the solution is the same for car doors. The whole bodies of the car including the car doors are made from the same element. Therefore whatever applies to your car’s body will work definitely on your car door too.

There are some supplies you should always be ready with for deep scratches. You can find these supplies in any departmental or hardware store. You will need:

  1. Wet sandpaper
  2. Matched color paint
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Spot prep pen
  6. Dual-action car polisher
  7. Lint-free cloths
  8. Rubber school eraser
  9. Primer
  10. Prep sol

Cleaning your car before painting is very important. So make sure to clean the affected area first, and then start working on repairing it. Dirt silicone particles must be washed off before painting your car again.

How to Remove Scratches from White Car

Cars in white color look the most majestic and elegant when they are clean. A shining and clean white car is bound to make a solid impression. But, what if, your white car gets scratches? will you rely on the normal methods you know about how to remove scratches from car?

According to top Youtubers of today’s generation, fixing scratches from a white car is only possible via repainting or using toothpaste. The costly way of fixing it is with repainting which will cost you more than a hundred dollars. However, repairing it with toothpaste will require a little attention and effort to cover up your scratches.

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It all depends on how bad the scratch is. Examine your scratch properly. using your finger, gently try to pull the scratch. If you notice that the particles are getting attached to your finger, you have to take it to a body shop. However, if you see that your finger slides through, you can repair it in your home.

Use a toothpaste or nail polish, shoe polish and apply the affected area in a circular motion. This will slowly dissolve the scratch from your car and hopefully will be unnoticeable.

Best Car Scratch Remover

For some of us, money may not be a problem at all. Many people are obsessed with their four-wheelers and go will maintain excellent conditions for their cars. We have selected some of the best car scratch removers in this list for you. Whether you know or do not know how to remove scratches from car, this list will surely come in handy someday.

1. Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound

Loaded with an advanced and powerful formula, this compound is the best there is available in the market. It is so effective and smooth that you need to be careful while repairing the scratch. It is less abrasive than most compounds and delivers an excellent job.

2. Turtle Wax 50734 Complete Compound

Turtle Wax products are also one of the industry’s leading brands in car care. Their unmatched products at unbelievable prices are their main selling points. This compound comes with a complete car repairing kit and has everything you need to fix any kind of scratches on your car.

3. Quixx 00070- US Paint Scratch Remover

This product is the least efficient in this list. However, it does not make it a bad product. Quixx uses German engineering technologies and provides a complete scratch repairing kit. It is easy to use with a two-step application process. The results are jaw-dropping and long-lasting.

Car Scratch Repair Kit

If you want to know the best way to learn about how to remove from car, start comparing scratch repair kits. Scratch repair kits are manufactured for this prime purpose and they execute the repair flawlessly. There are many kinds of cheap repairing kits that may look shiny and classy but will fail to do the job.

You should therefore always buy authentic and branded repairing kits. Some of the nest repaying kits available on online markets are:

1. TriNova Scratch Swirl Remover

This is one of the best car repair kits available worldwide that delivers an excellent repairing job and shines your car and polishes it.

2. Quwei Car Paint Scratching Glass Stain Removal Polish Restore

Another jewel amongst repairing kits, and comes with a polisher, compound, and many more accessories for your car.

Car Scratch Remover Spray

If you are still confused about how to remove scratches from car, you should use the spray repairing system. A scratch remover spray will instantly remove scratches from any car of any color. Mostly, these spray kits are given as complementary products when you buy a new car.

However, if you have exhausted them you can still visit your car dealer or the showroom and look for your car’s value repairing kit. There are many car companies that provide complementary services for many new customers.

There are always offers and contests going on in car showrooms. Attend them, and you may never know what prize or products you can win from these events. You should research your one to find the best results. After you have a list of products, take them to any car body-shop owner.

By talking about these products with professionals and experts, you may get to know more about them and this will help you in choosing your product that is well-suited for your specific needs. You never know, you may find a new product that will be cheap as well as effective than most products.

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