How to Use Virtual Number

There are many situations in which online numbers for verification can be used. Try to employ them when you need to:

  • register another page on a social network that does not allow the creation of several pages for one phone number
  • avoid getting banned for social media posting or advertising
  • register on a website in another country that requires only the number of a local telephone operator
  • receive SMS from someone without revealing your personal phone number

How to Get a Virtual Number for SMS

Virtual numbers are tied to real SIM cards, but you do not need to purchase them. They are used by OnlineSIM, a virtual telephony service provider, to help customers protect their privacy and make anonymous registrations. You can try a virtual number for SMS free to test its performance and ensure the high quality and speed of customer service. Simply create your account on the OnlineSIM website and start receiving SMS with codes to one-time or long-term virtual numbers.

Simple Steps to Make Anonymous Registration with Virtual Number

  • After creating your account on the platform, replenish your account in any way convenient for you. The cost of virtual numbers is very low — only 2 cents for a one-time number and 52 cents — to rent a phone number for the whole day
  • Select the country whose phone number you want to receive and the website or social network for registration on which it is intended. The cost of the service will be automatically deducted from your account
  • Copy the provided phone number and enter it on the registration website. An SMS with a code will be sent to your personal account
  • If it was a disposable phone number, it will be deactivated after a successful registration. If a long-term rent — you can continue to use it until the expiration date

Verification with virtual phone numbers is simple, convenient and secure. There will be no more websites where you hesitate to register simply because you are concerned about the security of your data. You will not be afraid of a ban on social networks. And the borders of countries will simply cease to exist. Just order a virtual number with the desired country code on OnlineSIM and enjoy the freedom of the Internet space.

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