Is there a map app you can draw your route on?


The inefficiency results are usually the same: more expenses and fewer sales. You need a multi-stop route planner to simplify your team’s day, boost productivity, and provide them with many more sales possibilities.

You may determine the path that will take you to numerous locations using a program called a multi-stop driver route planner. This will help you choose the path that will be the most time and fuel effective. How those employed in sales and delivery go about their business and travel has been significantly impacted by the development of software such as sales route planners and delivery route planner applications.

The top 3 multi-stop route plans are below.


The goal of OptimoRoute is “Organizing the Mobile Workforce,” as the company puts it. It’s a powerful route planner used in many different sectors, including outbound logistics for delivery fleets of all sizes, field sales, and even garbage collection. Their website enumerates several other business types that might use their offerings.

OptimoRoute’s software, available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, plans and optimizes multi-stop itineraries.

Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a robust multi-stop route planner that gives field sales representatives access to beneficial, improved features. Using the built-in Optimize Route function, they will be provided with the quickest path to their scheduled meetings. Using the latest GPS technology, it calculates the fastest route for salespeople based on current traffic conditions and the mileage traveled.

Users can choose customers from their accounts or utilize Lasso. Lasso lets users draw lines around map markers to design pathways around their greatest prospects swiftly.


RouteSavvy lets drivers arrange various addresses and design efficient routes for service calls, pick-ups, and deliveries. They use roundtrip or start-to-finish itineraries, depending on your business’s needs. Managers and drivers may see their region by viewing many routes at once.

Drivers may also benefit from the app’s turn-by-turn navigation features, which they can use on their mobile device or download and print as directions. 

With RouteSavvy’s new GPS tracking technology, managers can keep tabs on their fleet at a fraction of the price of conventional hardware monitoring systems while still planning efficient multi-stop delivery routes. The location of each driver’s mobile phone makes it possible for management to monitor their productivity (which can be turned off during off-hours).

Microsoft Excel data may be collected, saved, and exported for tracking and archival purposes.


MapQuest, a popular mapping application, may be used to get directions and find nearby services like petrol stations, restaurants, and grocery shops.MapQuest also lets you book hotels, get real-time traffic information, and find nearby points of interest, among other things.

As MapQuest was the company that pioneered the idea of online mapping, all of its features are now industry standards. They have maintained a strong commitment to the original vision, and as a result, their products have not fully changed along with the market in the way that many people would anticipate.

The fact that it is free, on the other hand, makes utilizing its mapping program an excellent investment if you find that it serves your needs.


Which multi-stop planner software is perfect for you and your team will depend on your specific needs and goals. The programs, as mentioned earlier, all include elements that are more appropriate for use in certain fields. With this list, you can zero in on the app that meets all your needs.

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