Is Van Life for You?

Van Life for You

Opportunities for travel are starting to open once again and those who have made the adjustment to remote working on a more permanent basis may be looking at the best options to live the digital nomad lifestyle, whether looking to settle in one space for a longer period of time like many before having done using this ko pha ngan city guide for example or a working life on the road, there are a huge number of opportunities available. Something that has become increasingly popular over the past two years, in particular, is the romanticised look at van life and the successful few who have managed to convert their vehicle into a more permanent home – but is van life something for you to explore?

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Every journey turns into an adventure – A big part of the digital nomad lifestyle is travelling whilst working and seeing the sights, but a lot can be lost whilst on a long flight or train journey – those who choose to explore travel options whilst living in their vehicle get the full range  though, seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of wherever the trip takes them with the ability to simply stop and work whenever needed – if adventure is on the cards, this is certainly a great option.

An easy way to downsize – Another big draw for digital nomads is the change that comes to let go of all of the extra belongings that are more materialistic – when living out of a van, that’s something that’s definitely needed as cutting back on all of the extra stuff to only take the essentials will lead to a much better living experience for those who explore the option. Space is certainly a commodity and making the most out of it will show what really is essential, and what can be left behind for any big journey. 

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A wide community to help along the way – With the growing popularity comes the huge community that are friendly and always on hand to help those exploring, countries all over the world have a big van community of their own and if remote working opportunities whilst travelling are for you, then relying on this growing community could be the best option for getting the most out of the experience and enjoying everything that life on the road has to offer.

Van life certainly isn’t for everyone and is more on the niche side of travel options, it’s an expensive trial if looking to be explored for the first time, but can provide a very unique approach to travel and something that may be difficult to replicate in any other way.

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