How to reheat fries: Best ways to enjoy your crispy meal!

how to reheat fries

Who doesn’t likes fries, and who wouldn’t prefer it over other beverages? Well, definitely not you! Because if you didn’t love them as much as we do, you wouldn’t be here. Nothing can surpass the freshly fried salted fries that are crispy all over and fluffy at the centre. So, at times out of excitement, we buy too much of the fries from McDonald’s. But, we are not able to finish it while it is still hot, crispy, and tastes the best. So we wonder about how to reheat fries and waste more time on the internet. 

However, leftovers fries are less or more one of the best gifts that you can leave for your future self. At times it turns out to be one of the best things when you come home after a tiring day. You already had a long and tiring day. So, you’re too tired to cook and to spend money doesn’t seem like a good idea. Thus, fries from the last night are the best gift from you to yourself, definitely. However, as it is ‘leftover’ fries, it becomes foxier to make it pleasing all over again. 

Fries are beyond amazing, and there is no one to deny that. But, the leftover, soggy fries that are in your fridge since last night are definitely out of competition. We all know no one likes or even prefers them. Moreover, it is as distasteful as a musty piece of toast (unless, of course, you love cold food!). 

However, there are numerous ways if you want to reheat your fries. But, do you know which is the ideal or which would suit your needs? Well, in this article, you are going to learn the numerous techniques to reheat our fries successfully.  

Why don’t fries stay crispy for long? 

So, as long as these fries are bathing in their hot oil, they stay crispy. But, as soon as they get out of that, they have to race against two main factors- cold and moisture. Moreover, because of these two, the fries lose their crispiness. 

how to reheat fries
Source: Tastessence

As we all know, fries are made from potatoes, and potatoes contain starch. So, what scientifically happens is when the potatoes are put in boiling oil, the starches hydrate, making the fries crispy. But, as the fries start to cool, the moisture sweats out. Hence, making our beloved and delicious fries soft and mushy.

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Also, the potatoes already have their moisture, and after getting fried, release their steam as well. So, when wrapped in a package, they tend to get mushy quickly because of the mist. Adding to that, the way the fries are fried adds to their sogginess as well. 

Now, moving on that our fries are lying cold and soggy, what do we need to do? Well, there are numerous ways to make them crispy. So, let us know which methods will be the easiest for you. 

But before that, here’s a quick tip- whenever storing leftover fries, try to keep them in an airtight container. Also, keep them in the fridge; otherwise, they will get stale. 

How to reheat fries?

How to reheat fries is less or more a tricky question because there are numerous ways. But finding the right way is not that easy! So, how to reheat fries in a way that their crispiness tags along?

Well, we are here to hold your hungry stomach and help you get back the crispiness of your leftover fries. 

Once a classic is always a classic- the hot oven.

We often don’t appreciate the ovens for the exemplary work that they do. But is it not only the most affordable and quick way but also a classic. So, when you think of how to reheat fries, the blazing hot ovens are your answer. 

how to reheat fries
Source: Food Hacks

Ovens turn your leftover fries as crispy as they turn the frozen ones. Adding to this are a few vital elements that you need to keep in your mind. First, to make sure your method is a success, you need to heat your oven around 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The second is to make sure to spread the fries in an even and fine layer. Also, try applying it on a large pan or tray so it doesn’t overlap one other. 

Once you are all set, put them in the oven for five to ten minutes. Also, as your leftover fries have oil already, you need not do anything on them. 

Once you take them out, it is all done and crispy for you to eat. So, the classic method of taking an oven’s help saves your day. In just ten minutes, you are all ready to have your leftover fries just as crispy as the first time. 

How to reheat your fries- use the overachiever method of frying them again

So, when talking about refrying the fries, nothing beats the obvious way of putting them again in the boiling oil. Of course, this seems, and it definitely is, the overachiever when it comes to rescuing your leftover fries. So, refrying your fries into oil is the best and safe way of making them delicious again. 

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However, it might not suit as the best solution for everyone. But, it makes your leftover soggy fries to be as delicious as they were when served to you. Also, refrying is preferable if you need a speedy cooking. Because not only it cooks fast, but it also heats your fries evenly. 

All you would require is to fill your fryer with the choice of oil you want and heat it till it gets near 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you get there, slowly and carefully dip your soggy leftovers in it. Now, keep that in for like a minute or two and then take it out. 

Your fries are ready and have no sagginess left to them now. But, a small thing that you might want to add to it afterwards is its seasoning. If you are going to have them with ketchup or something, try adding some salt to your taste. However, you might not need it as the fries already come with seasonings. But putting them in oil might take their herb away a bit. 

When learning how to reheat fries, never think of microwaves

Okay, so many a times it would have poped in your head to try microwaving the fries. But trust us, it will make your fries even soggier. The reason being, microwaves while heating the food, uses water molecules. So less or more, your fries are going to be even wetter and mushy as they were before. 

The bottom line on how to reheat fries

So, now you know all the possible answers to how to reheat fries. No matter the method you choose according to your ease, you can make your leftover fries delicious again. Be it the classic way or the overachiever one; your fries are going to be crispy. 

So, out of the various means, choose what suits you the best and make your fries crispy as they were the first time. But also, keep in mind that microwaves are never the answer! Instead of making your fries crispy, it will make them even soggier. 

Also, you might need to add a bit of seasoning to your reheated fries. Because reheating takes a bit of the added flavours away. So, just when you take out the fries of the oven or the oil, try a few. Then, once you have tasted your reheated fries, you would get the perfect idea of what you need to add. 

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