Jimmie Johnson Net Worth

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth

After more than three decades in the field as a player, coach, and pundit, Jimmy Johnson will forever be associated with American football. Many people, therefore, wonder how much Jimmie Johnson Net Worth is and how he became wealthy.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth

Currently, Jimmie Johnson has a net worth of roughly $120 million. He has amassed a massive fortune throughout his career, with over $130 million in earnings. Via endorsements, he has collected $10 million worth.

Johnson’s initial contract with the Cowboys was a 10-year deal with undisclosed compensation. His contract with the Dolphins was worth $8 million over four years. Jimmy Johnson reportedly earns around $4 million a year.

Early Life

Jimmy Johnson entered the world in Port Arthur, Texas, on December 2, 1943. There was an older sister and a younger brother, making him the middle kid. His dad worked in the shipyard, while his mom stayed at home to raise him.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth
Johnson has stated that he had a “very rough” upbringing. He struggled academically and frequently ran afoul of the law. In high school, he competed in three sports simultaneously (football, basketball, and track). Even more remarkably, he was named “Most Likely to Succeed.”
After high school, he used a football scholarship to enroll at the University of Arkansas. After two seasons with the Razorbacks, he transferred to the Sooners of Oklahoma University.

At the University of Arkansas, Johnson started as a coach in the assistant role. Following that, he accepted a position at the University of Pittsburgh as a defensive coordinator.
In 1977, he took a position at Oklahoma State University as a defensive coordinator.

Soon after, in 1978, he was promoted to lead the Oklahoma Sooners’ football team. He took the Sooners to a perfect 12-0 season and a title. His promotion to head coach of the Dallas Cowboys came in 1979.

Head coach Jimmy Johnson

It was as head coach of the University of Miami Hurricanes in the 1980s that Johnson first gained national prominence. Johnson led Coral Gables to a national championship in 1987 and a No. 2 rating in his final three seasons there.

Records for overall wins (36) and road wins (10) have been set by his teams, as reported by Miami fan site The State of the U. (20). They also set an NCAA record by winning 58 straight games at home. Johnson then became a head coach in the National Football League, where he posted an 80-64 record.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth
Jerry Jones, a former teammate of Johnson’s at the University of Arkansas, appointed Johnson as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. His debut season was rough, ending with a 1-15 record. The team sent running back Herschel Walker to the other team to improve their draft position. They picked up future legends like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Troy Aikman.

A talented roster helped Johnson’s teams win Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993. Eventually, Johnson and Jones couldn’t agree on handling the Cowboys, and Johnson departed. In his final four years as a head coach, Jones led the Miami Dolphins to a 36-28 record before calling it quits for good.

Johnson’s life after coaching

Johnson joined the NFL on Fox studio staff in 1994, the network’s premiere season, after his time with the Cowboys ended. He remained in that position for two years before being recalled by the Dolphins. After completing his contract with the Miami station in 2002, he returned to Fox.

Because of his willingness to attack everyone—including his previous team—Johnson has become one of the most recognizable faces in sports media. He has spent the better part of two decades in the Fox booth, although the studio show hosts come and go on most networks.

Even though Curt Menefee and Michael Strahan have since replaced Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw, he is still a member of the original squad. Along with his vast coaching background, Johnson now has almost 20 years of expertise in broadcasting. Throughout that time, he has amassed extensive knowledge and a sizable fortune.

Real Estate

For a long time, Jimmy Johnson has kept a sizable residence in Islamorada, Florida. Nevertheless, Hurricane Irma devastated his house in 2017. Johnson uncovered many discouraging difficulties upon his return to his home to inspect the damage caused by the hurricane.
Because of the strong gusts and the damage caused by the water, his dock was tilting in an unsafe direction. Jimmy admitted to using a shovel to remove several feet of sand before entering his home. In addition to that, the saltwater pond that belonged to the coaching legend was destroyed. One can only speculate about the monetary damage this catastrophe must have represented for Johnson, who had spent twenty years transforming this house into his ideal palace.

But, unlike many others in the Florida Keys, the main house and guesthouse on his property survived the storm without any significant structural damage. Johnson was reduced to tears by Hurricane Irma’s devastation, but he has pledged to spend millions rebuilding his home and business.


In 1971, Jimmy and Gloria Johnson opened their restaurant. Fort Walton Beach, Florida, was the site of the first restaurant.


Jimmy Johnson’s Restaurants aims to provide each diner with an exceptional dining experience. The organization seeks to provide customers with a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable setting. Jimmy Johnson strives to make its customers feel welcome and ensures they have a wonderful time while dining there.

Relationship and Marital Status

Jimmy is happily married to Rhonda Rookmaker and identifies as a straight man. He has two sons with his ex-wife, Brent Johnson, and Chad Johnson’s mother, Linda Kay Cooper. It was in January 1990 when the partnership finally ended. Soon after starting the Dallas Cowboys, Jimmy divorced his first wife.


What makes Jimmy Johnson so well-known?

American football coach and commentator Jimmy Johnson has retired. From 1989 until 1993, he headed the Dallas Cowboys as their head coach, and under his watch, they won two Super Bowls.
He later took over as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, taking them to the postseason in his solitary year in charge. Also, since 1994, he has served as a broadcast analyst for Fox NFL Sunday.


The size of Jimmy Johnson’s wealth is indicative of his stature in the football world. Johnson has been a significant presence in basketball for almost 30 years, from his playing days to his coaching and media work. Johnson has been retired from coaching for nearly 20 years, yet he remains a respected and revered figure in the football world, resulting in a growing net worth.


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