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When it comes to home improvements that can make a big difference in the appeal and comfort of a space, upgrading the lighting should not be overlooked. Strategic lighting investments can transform the look and feel of any room. From colored bulbs that set a mood to smart switches offering control and convenience, there are many options to consider that can take your home lighting to the next level.

Colored Bulbs 

One of the easiest ways to change the ambiance in a room is with colored light bulbs. Nowadays you can find bulbs ranging from soft white to bright colors like red, green, blue and more. Color can impact our mood, energy level and emotions. Cooler toned blues and greens tend to have a calming effect while warm tones like yellows and oranges feel energizing.

Some popular ways homeowners are using color bulbs:

– Accent lighting – Using a colored bulb in a floor or table lamp can bathe a space in a warm glow. This works well in living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces.

– Task lighting – Colored bulbs come in a variety of intensities, including bulbs bright enough for task lighting. Upgrade a desk lamp in a home office for a burst of motivational color.

– Outdoor lighting – Make a patio or deck more inviting at night with colored outdoor bulb options. Set a festive tone with reds and greens or keep it ambient with blues.

In addition to stand-alone colored bulbs, color changing WiFi bulbs have grown in popularity. These bulbs can display a wide range of colors that you control with an app. Set automatic color changing schedules to shift the lighting throughout the day or manually change the scene to match your mood.

White Bulbs

While colored bulbs can make a dramatic impact, the right white light bulb is still essential for basic illumination in any room. Choosing the right temperature of white light impacts how natural and vibrant colors appear in a space.

The two main options are soft white and bright white bulbs:

– Soft White (2700K – 3000K) – Emits a warm, yellowish-white glow, akin to incandescent bulbs. Recommended for bedrooms and other relaxing areas. Enhances the warmth of woods, textiles and skin tones. 

– Bright White (3500K – 4100K) – Crisper, neutral white light. Good for task lighting as it aids visibility and alertsness. Recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, workspaces and accent lighting. Brings out vibrant colors in furnishings and decor details. 

Beyond the standard bulb form factor, white bulbs are available in many shapes and bases to work with different light fixtures. Consider the desired application and aesthetic when selecting bulb options.

Gang Light Switches

Beyond lighting elements like bulbs and fixtures, it’s also worth examining switch options that offer enhanced control and functionality. Installing gang light switches can make it easier to control multiple lights from one location.

A gang light switch includes multiple individual switches in a single housing. This provides independent on/off control over multiple lights on one wall plate. Common configurations include double or triple gang switches, but you can add as many switches as needed.

Benefits of Gang Light Switches

More Flexible Control – With a gang switch, you can selectively control lights in an area vs. having them all tied to one switch. For example, turn overhead lights low and a floor lamp on for movie watching. Then switch them separately for cleaning. 

Minimal Hardware – Gang switches eliminate the need for multiple light switch plates scattered around a room. It is a streamlined, integrated solution.

Adaptable Installation – Most gang boxes support both toggle/rocker switches and dimmers. Easily configure the mix needed now or in the future.

Smart Switch Ready – Many styles of gang boxes allow integrating smart light switches to work in conjunction across multiple lights.

Improved Aesthetics – Gang switches prevent cluttered walls and let you standardize on matching light switches as part of your interior design.

Added Safety – Being able to selectively control lights from one location improves navigation and safety moving through rooms at night.

There is tremendous potential to upgrade any home with improved lighting solutions. Strategic investments in colored bulbs, white bulbs optimized for the space, and flexible control systems like gang light switches and 3 gang light switches can come together to create exceptional, customized lighting. 

The right lighting awakens a home, providing both necessary illumination and stunning ambient effects. Lighting influences how we experience every room. Investing in lighting unlocks simple, impactful ways to make a home safer, more functional and aesthetically appealing. Start small by adding accent lighting or broadly by installing new fixtures and controls. The options are vast. 

By unleashing the power of lighting, it is truly possible to transform the feel of a home. The investment pays ongoing dividends in terms of comfort, beauty and quality of life for homeowners. Lighting creates warmth, elevates style and breathes new life into every corner of a thoughtfully-illuminated home.

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