Lucy Dacus Height, Age, Weight, Career

Lucy Dacus Height

Lucy Dacus is an American singer known for her amazing storytelling skills. Lucy Dacus Height is available here. Questions like Lucy Dacus’s height make users more curious. So let’s see what information we have here to share with our readers.

Who is Lucy Dacus?

Lucy Dacus is the name that you should search for when you want the skills of a singer, songwriter, and producer in a single person. If you try then you will find that many people have only a few of these but it is not the case with Lucy Dacus. Her songs and albums have proven over and over again that her music gives chills to people.

If you follow a famous personality then you will never stay back from getting to know each and every detail about them. We know your needs and we will try to cater to them in this article. So let’s proceed with our discussion with the date of birth of this singer.

Early Life

According to the available details on the internet the famous star was born on 2nd May 1995. Now just make the simple calculations and you will know that till today she is 28 years old and soon she will be 29.

In the birth details, the thing that holds the most weightage other than the date of birth is nothing other than the place of birth which is recorded as Mechanicsville, Virginia USA. Also, since we have the date of birth thus, we can easily guess the zodiac sign of the famous star which is Taurus.

Nationality, Religion, And Ethnicity of Lucy Dacus

Nationality is one of the major personality factors that helps fans to recognize a particular celebrity.

Similarly, if we talk about the nationality of the famous star Lucy Dacus then we will come to know that she is an American national. Although people also ask about her ethnicity and religion too but currently, we do not have much information in this regard.

Lucy Dacus Height

The table below illustrates her height:

Height in cm 178 cm
Height in Meters 1.78 m
Height in Inches 5 feet 10 inches

This is the height of the famous star in feet, centimeters, as well as meters.


The Career Initiation

As we are through all the major available details of her personal life therefore it is time that we move towards her career. So, the next thing on the list is her musical career. Now we think that we are able to get your attention. So, if we talk about her career initiation then it was in 2015 in New York City when she rocked the whole world with her performance.

The Debut Album

Her actual fame was gained from her debut album “No Burden”. This album proved to have the effect of a heavy stone thrown into the stationary waters of the musical industry causing ripples to move everywhere. This was perhaps one of the best albums released that year. These are not only my words. In fact, the love that this particular album, received from fans is something that is phenomenal.

Breaking The News

Now let us tell you some astonishing news about her. Did you know that her album was actually a school project? Well, it does not seem like one. Because the details of her work and the efforts that she put into it are one of a kind. Therefore, all these factors combined help us in getting the best music album ever.

Keeping Up The Pace

Since she had the best jumpstart possible in the subindustry with her debut album this helped her in releasing another album two years later the title “Historian”. From that point forward she claimed her space in the music industry as a skilled and professional singer.

The Discography Of Lucy Dacus

The recognitions that she received for her work are exemplary and this is the reason why she is getting more and more fame with every passing day. I know that once you are through with this article then you will surely want to listen to each and every song of the famous star. So let us save your time and make sure that you have everything at your fingertips. We have enlisted the names of some of the best songs of Lucy Dacus below:

  • Night Shift
  • Hot & Heavy
  • Not Strong Enough
  • Thumbs
  • I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore
  • Cool About It
  • Kissing Lessons
  • Salt In the Wound

The names of her albums are also mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • No burden
  • Historian
  • Home Video

The Discography Of Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus Net Worth

Recently it was brought to our attention that many people are wondering about the career details of the famous star and on the top the question that they are asking is about the net worth of the famous star.

So, after doing a thorough research of the available resources we have concluded the fact that she has a net worth of $5 million. Now that is a good sum and it is still witnessing an increase.

The Net Worth Value

Awards & Recogincations

For all of her musical efforts, she was awarded by AIM Independent Music Award. This particular award was to recognize her live acts.

This is not the only one. In fact, she was also nominated for the Emerging Artist of the Year too in 2017.


Lucy Dacus height and her other personal details that we could get our hands on are mentioned in this article and we would urge everyone to read it if you are a fan of this phenomenal singer. Also, let us know what details you want to know more about her and we will get them for you.

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