Michaiah Hanks Pictures and Bio

Michaiah Hanks Pictures and Bio


Names are the only things that the people can remember once you leave them. We all live to ensure that people positively remember these names. Michaiah Hanks is the name of the daughter of the well-known actor and singer Chester Marlon Hanks. Not many kids are fortunate enough to gain fame at such an early age. But a few are destined for it, especially if we talk about Michaiah. Like most star kids, she is also known because of her father and his excellent career in the music industry. Michaiah is an American national who opened her eyes to this world on 16th April 2016. Thus, according to this, she is only five years old.

Michaiah Hanks Parents

Michaiah is an African American born to Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles. Although this introduction is enough for you to get to know her, one of the most important detail that will blow your mind is that she is the granddaughter of the famous actor Tom Hanks. Her father is also a famous actor who has appeared in several big entertainment productions, including Empire and Shameless. Her mother Tiffany, is of African American origin. This is all we know about her, including that she belongs to California. There is not much to share about her. If we look at her father’s side, she is of Greek, Bulgarian, Portuguese and English origin.

Michaiah Hanks Grandparents

As we have already discussed, Michaiah is the granddaughter of the famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, known for his movies based upon the Robert Langdon series written by Dan Brown. He does not require any introduction. Millions of people watch his movies and productions worldwide, and his name is respected in all sectors of the entertainment platform.

But if we look at the grossing numbers of his films, we will come to know that his films have grossed over $4.9 billion in North America only. This is a huge number and extremely fascinating too. Also, if we look at the number around the globe, it would stand at the mark of $9.96 billion. This is why he is crowned as the fourth highest-grossing actor in North America.

The Family Members Of Michaiah

If we look at the details, then the public wants to know more about the family of the child star, and they want to know who is part of their family. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that Tom was married to Samantha Lewes in 1978, but the marriage ended in 1987. But as a result of this marriage, Tom had two children, including Elizabeth and Colin. Later on, the famous actor also married Rita Wilson, and their marriage continued for almost 33 years. From Rita, Tom had two boys named Chester and Truman Theodore. This is one of the most admired families. Also, since Chester is the son of Rita, this makes her grandmother of Michaiah.

The Family Members Of Michaiah

The Relationship Status Of Chester And Tiffany

The parents’ relationship status matters a lot, and it has a huge impact on the lives of the children. Therefore, if we take a look, we will know that many people claim that since they are not married. There are no records of Tiffany being the girlfriend of Chester therefore, they might have had a short term relationship, and as a result, Michaiah was born. Although there are Tons Of questions being asked, all of them are based upon the assumption of the absence of a romantic relationship between Chester and Tiffany.

But these are the claims of the people outside the family, but if we look at the response of Chester, then we will come to know that he constantly repeats the same thing where he appreciates Tiffany for being the most phenomenal woman. The relationship between Michaiah and Chester came to public knowledge when the star posted a video on his Instagram account in 2019.

A Look Into The Life Of Chester

Chester, commonly known as Chet, is the father of our star kid in question. According to the records, he is not only a famous actor, but he is also a rapper too. But one of the most important things that introduce him to the world is that he is the son of Tom Hanks. Although he is a famous guy too. But still has miles to go before he reaches the mark of fame where his father is standing.

If we look at the list of movies and TV shows in which he played his role, the list will go on and on, ending at Greyhound. He has also released his song in 2011 named “White and Purple”. This was a remix song of Wiz Khalifa’s creation Black and Yellow. Later on, he released many songs along with Drew. The list of his songs is also very long. You might have heard Harley and Ticket out of my head.

The Substance Abuse History

We have witnessed famous celebrity kids go astray and involve themselves in unethical activities in the past. Similarly, Chester also had a history of substance abuse. He was extremely addicted, and to leave this addiction behind and move on in his life, he had to struggle hard. He has shared his experiences in several interviews. (Tadalafil) This detail was first made up on the news in 2014.

The Substance Abuse History

Although his struggle with substance abuse started at the age of 16, it continued till he reached his mid-twenties. There are several stories where sometimes he was reported missing, and there was an instance where he wrecked a hotel room and posed with guns. Thus, he had to spend time in treatment as a result. There is also a scenario where he was reported to have crashed while driving in a drunk state.

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Michaiah Hanks is one of the favourite star kids of modern times. Even the name of Tom Hanks is enough for the public to love her, and her cuteness does the rest. We hope she also fills in her grandfather’s shoes and creates her way.

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