Modern Disputes: 7 Passive-Aggressive Emojis That Denote Confrontation


The technological world offers thousands of ways to express what we feel, and one of those is through emojis. The current generation becomes more reliant on emojis to convey their messages instead of showing actual facial expressions and mouth-holes. In just a single click, we can freely express how annoyed or happy we are. 

There are numerous types of emojis available on your mobile keyboard, and each of them can be used for particular situations. Let’s take passive-aggressive emojis, for example. Take a look at your mobile, and you will realize how many they are, which you can use every time you are in a bad mood. Some of those passive-aggressive emojis available on your keyboard are summed up below. 

Smiling Face With Horns

A devil emoji that is commonly shown in a red or purple face with devil horns. With its furrowed brows and grinning smile, it perfectly conveys some negative emotions or desires. In various social media platforms, Smiling Face With Horns is currently ranked as 64th. 

Pouting Face

Let’s say that one of your friends annoyed you with her false criticisms about your behavior. This Pouting Face emoji will work. The emoji expresses hatred or anger by showing scrunched eyes and a frowning mouth. It may be similar to an Angry Face emoji, but it usually bears a more intense feeling of hate and anger. 

Expressionless Face

When someone says something untrue about yourself and doesn’t want to reply with his idiocy, send him some Expressionless Face emojis to convey a sense of annoyance. It is not necessary to send it with long passages to express what you feel. By sending it, it seems like you’re saying, “Ok, what you said was a bit annoying, but it’s not true so, I don’t really care. Go and mess up someone else’s life. You will never gain anything from me.” 

Angry Face

With frowning mouths and eyes compressed downward, the recipients will automatically know how angry you are. It may be because of too late delivery of your ordered beauty products, someone messes up with your best friend, or your boyfriend arrives too late, whatever reasons you may have, Angry Face emoji will sum up what you feel. 

Anger Symbol

This symbol can be seen from anime more often. Anger Symbol represents veins bursting due to intense anger. In some comic books, this is often used next to the onomatopoeia words like “Pow, “Boom,” or “Pow.” This emoji is also known as Vein Pop and Anger Sign. 

Face With Steam From Nose Emoji

Furrowed eyebrows and closed grinning eyes with two huffs of the steam show the entire expression of this emoji. Some keyboard users usually use this to convey feelings of irritation, contempt, and anger. It can also be used to show a sense of pride, empowerment, and supremacy. Face With Steam From Nose emoji was initially named as Face With Look of Triumph. 

Oncoming Fist

One of the hand emojis, Oncoming Fist, symbolizes a position of wanting to punch someone. In all platforms, this emoji supports right-handed people. A version of left-hand is unfortunately not available. This is also known as Punch, Bro Fist, and Fist Bump. 


All of these emojis can be used to convey negative emotions in any circumstances. However, users should be absolutely aware of what they are trying to send. Indeed, technology makes communication easier. A single emoji can sum up your current emotion, but we should also be wise in using it. As we become more reliant on existing technological ways, we should be more thoughtful and more sensible as we utilize all of those for our daily basis. 

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