All Types of Office Wear for Women to Add to Your Wardrobe

office wear for women

We all have different roles to play all through the day, and every role needs us to look a certain way. Here, we will discuss some of the top fashion trends for office wear. These office wear for women range between classics that you can always swear by and ones that are trending right now.

You simply need to go through these types and the pictures to analyze what can suit your personality. These classy looks will create an impression and they are both formal and semi-formal.

Office wear for women

It is time you check out all the types of office wear you need to add to your wardrobe. Make sure you are comfortable with these according to your body type, skin tone, and other things you’d want to consider. These are some of the top trending office wear for women and also include classics:

1. The uber-cool urban lady

For a woman to slay in a man’s world, she needs to often look like them and show how she’s better as well. If you’re not the most feminine kind, you’d want to pull off a neat suit, trousers, and a sheer white shirt to go with. We don’t mean that feminine women can’t wear this, but you carry yourself, you’d want to wish “If I were a boy… even just for a day”!

Get yourself a black or grey suit that includes a blazer and the same material for the trousers. Wear the blazer over a white shirt and pick the classic oxford shoes. This look is not only going to kill but also make the men go weak!

2. Bring on the beige

Nothing goes wrong with the color beige when you’re picking office wear. It is one of the most sophisticated color tones for work and makes you look bright.

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You can pair a beige trouser with a trending ruffle white shirt that adds the blend of semi-casual in the formal look. You can use a stylish belt to make them look a little more interesting. Keep the pants high on the waist to revive the 70’s style in your way.

3. Meeting ready

Women have forgotten what it was to have formal dresses for workwear. If you’re experimenting fashion, you can bring dresses into office – it just needs to be formal. You can wear a white shirt under sleeveless office wear. It will just make you add the right amount of confidence and nail the meeting you have to attend.

4. Keep is formal yet casual

If you can’t deal with the same old formal shades of beige, black, and white, it is time to add some colors and prints to work. You can try an offbeat combination that mixes colors and prints. These can be contrasting textures that make you look vibrant. For example, you can pair a red flounce and a pencil skirt to bring back a long-lost retro look.

5. Add more checks

Checks have always been formals but it has usually been worn by men. It is time you find yourself a piece of checkered dresses or get it custom-made. If the dress looks too plain on its own, you can accessorize it with a nice belt, add earrings that match the dress, and more.

6. Try pleats of a different kind

To not make office looks boring, you need to play with color. Don’t be afraid to try bold shades and prints. Apart from having the right kind of office wear for women you need to carry what you wear. If you have confidence, you can make an entirely casual dress look formal. Try to get yourself a few pleated skirts and pair it with bright colors for the tops. You can also add a nice neckpiece and change the look entirely.

7. Go minimalist

Not much work at the office? Not feeling up to dressing up on a certain day? Just go minimal with a striped black and white shirt, and blend it up with a sleek pair of black trousers. Make sure the trousers are high-waisted and accessorize your look with a classy watch and pointed heels.

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8. The perfect dress

Some monochrome dresses that bring out your curves at its best can be nicely combined with a piece of junk necklace. You need nothing more than that to pull of a sexy yet format look for your easy-going work day. It can be the Friday outfit that you can carry forward to a late-night party. Just make sure it doesn’t get too casual.

9. Classic yet colorful

If you switch your sheer white with a bright yellow that steals all the shine, you can rock the most classic blazer and trouser look. Add a lot of colors to your wardrobe that you can mix and match according to your taste.

10. Get weird

There are some times we want to break-free from old patterns and not want to wear things we usually do. At such times, you need to open your wardrobe and see what all you can blend with what you have. These can turn your boring formals into a completely crazy look. It might be semi-casual or even not appropriate for the office. But the way you carry it and accessorize can make all the difference.

What do you need apart from clothes?

When you’re planning to revamp your wardrobe and add more office wear for women, you also have to consider the things that come along. Yes, you do need classic pairs of trousers and blazers all the time, but you also need the right kind of watch, shades, watches, and shoes.

Your accessories are as important as anything else and you need to consider them while buying clothes for yourself. You need pretty belts that can make a boring dress look attractive and also suit the after-party. You need shoes that don’t just go with formals but can also be used for casual wear. While buying new clothes, try to consider these as well and that’s exactly how you’re going to be able to slay every day!

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