Pacsun Men Outfits Trends 2019

Pacsun men outfits

Pacsun is one of the biggest fashion stores in the US and both men and women swear by this brand. Today we’re going to show you the trends of Pacsun men outfits and how they have been setting trends all year round.

Pacsun is raised the bar this year and has sold several designs that people could never expect from them. From fumy printed tees to check sneakers, there is a lot to explore in this retail giant this year.

Pacsun men outfits

Recent years have witnessed men’s fashion come and go. This is also the reason why many styles in 2019 were present in previous years as well. Pacsun took the opportunity to highlight some of these trends. It is time you check them out and create your own style statement:

1. Side-striped trousers

The side-striped pants are one of the patents by Adidas and the style is dominating all through 2019. However, this style is summery because of features like comfort and flexibility. However, you can carry it through fall and especially for exercise sessions.

The side stripes have been popular among young men this year, as they consider it ‘cool’ especially along with sneakers.

2. Go retro

Everything that you once discarded as a child is now back in trend. If you don’t want to spend time digging into your old wardrobe or storeroom, buy trending clothes from Pacsun. Most of the clothes that they’re selling now are inspired by Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

3. Clothes that have logos

If you’ve found more people wear the Pacsun men outfits instead of Adidas, Champion, Kappa, and Tommy Jeans, don’t be surprised. Pacsun has now become a recognizable brand and people proudly carry the logos of the brand. It is time, you also carry the trends ahead and add some Pacsuns to your wardrobe too.

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4. Plaids

Plaids are classic as they never go out of style. You definitely know what plaids are, as they’re one of the most common formal men wear. These have been trending for 2-3 years now, and it is time you buy some of the brighter colors. Plaids don’t seem to go out of style so if you have some of them already, look for ways to style them differently.

5. Khaki Shorts

Khakis have always been in trend and they always make a fashion statement. This fall, many people are going to turn to khaki shorts. Pacsun announced that their khaki volley shorts and slim-fit shorts have been major sales this year. It is mostly because people can pair it well with shirts and tees both.

6. Pastel Streetwear

Colors like army green, baby blue, lavender, and peach are pastel colors. While most men like rustic tones, this time they tried lighter shades with Pacsun outfits. These, however, look more manly that bright colors of red, yellow, pink, and more.

Most men looking forward to streetwear trends in 2019 will choose pastel colors. From shoes to clothes, every kind of wearable is trending in pastel.

7. Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are back in trend this year and that isn’t surprising. They are known to be trendy streetwear for men and this year they are trending with funny printed graphics. Most of these are designed on the back but you need to have an attitude to carry it in the front. Shirts are best worn when unbuttoned over plain tees. These will go well with khaki pants and denim, so you can have a complete Pacsun look to carry.

Note that plaids and flannel shirts look similar but are actually pretty different. Pacsun gives you the best of both!

8. Bright Beanies

The beanie hat trend is still continuing in 2019. But men now prefer brighter colors like orange and pink. Many of them like printed options while some stick to the plain ones only. Most young men love this look and will continue to carry it throughout the year.

9. Vans Check Shoes

The Vans Check sneakers are a vintage design that is trending in 2019 like the last couple of years. They come in different colors, but most men prefer white and black checkered ones. The shoes come in an amazing style like slip-on and block era designs. Both these options are paired with shorts and skinny jeans.

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10. Chelsea boots

If you ask a young man what they will wear on a casual outing, they will want comfortable boots for sure. You can expect the Chelsea boots to reassert this year. As per Pacsun, they recommend you to pair it up with destroyed jeans. There are many color options for this one, but the black and brown ones are best. These two blends well with most colors and do the magic just right.

What makes Pacsun clothes the best?

Even when the market has several competitive clothing brands, Pacsun has been trying to offer the best prices. They know what common men need and how to style them. The brand has always been trend-conscious and gives us clothes that are the need of the hour.

You can mix and match different Pacsun men outfits to style yourself and stick to the trend. The brand understands the kind of clothes men need at a casual setting and offers them exactly the types that suit every occasion.

Since it is fall, you need to watch out for their new stock and kind of clothes you’re going to buy at this time. Also, find out what they have in store for the next season so that you’re prepared for Christmas and wear your best even in the most casual setting.

Final thoughts

When there is so much to change in the fashion world for men, you never know what to expect. Thankfully Pacsun men outfits have retained some of the old styles and modified it further with new ideas. These are not only comfortable for them to wear but also casual to carry. Men are likely to buy a lot of Pacsuns this year and you should also look out for coupons to get a discount on trending clothes.

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