Why Men Getting Pedicures Is Mandatory?

men getting pedicures

Are men getting pedicures for real? While some people are still asking this question in 2019, to some it is hilarious. Of course, men do get a pedicure done, and why shouldn’t they?

The taboo around manicure and pedicure being a woman’s thing keeps many men away from doing them. But if you’re supposed to cut your nails and clean your hands and feet, why is men’s pedicure or manicure not a thing?

Pedicure is a self-caring process that gives you therapeutic benefits and great foot buffing. It isn’t about a splash of colors on the toes but you can do that if you fancy it as well. Pedicure is primarily having clean and healthy feet, and everyone deserves that.

There are times when our feet get exhausted, rough, sweaty, stinky and scaly. There are times when your toenails are overgrown and you didn’t do anything until you got hurt. If you ever had ingrown toenails, you will know how this feels ten times more than other men. Here, we will give you all the benefits of male pedicure and why you must do it.

Why men getting pedicure should be a thing?

Be honest when answering yourself, “when was the last time you cleaned your feet thoroughly?” The answer itself will tell you why men getting pedicure should be a thing. When was the last time you scrubbed your feet to remove the dead skin?

You can look at pedicure as a fancy spa activity but you can also take into account the hygienic benefits of paying close attention to the feet. General cleaning isn’t always enough so going in for luxurious indulgence is worth the time and money spent.

There is a range of male pedicure and you can choose the level you want to go into. For example, you can try basic cleaning or you can take a high-tier pedicure. You can also try milk-based creams or products scented with green tea. All of these will differ the level of indulgence you make and how you take care of yourself.

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Your poor feet health hustles to work, sweats at the gym, and works hard towards taking to your goals. You need to give them due attention and credit to keep your foundation strong. So, you must indulge in occasional deluxe foot care and have happy feet.

What to expect from your first pedicure?

You can book an appointment at your salon or local mall or spa close to your romantic getaway, but the basic amenities will be the same. If you have no idea how this is done, we will give you the steps so that you don’t feel completely out of place.

First, you arrive at the venue and someone takes you to a large massage chair to relax your body. You roll up the pants and put your feet inside a tub of warm water. For the next half an hour, depending on the kind of pedicure you choose, these are likely to happen:

  • Someone will serve you to get your hair clipped or shaped
  • They will take out any gunk hiding between the nails and skin
  • They then help you clean the dead skin on the bottom of the toes and scour your feet till they become soft
  • Finally, expect some soothing gels or lotions to be rubbed on the ankles and feet

Benefits of men getting pedicures

Check out all the reasons why you need to get a pedicure done right away:

1. Improves foot health

Dirty feet breeds bacteria so the primary reason to get a pedicure done is to remove all the dirt stuck under the toenails. In the process, you will find your feet exfoliated and remove dead skin, which has the potential to cause problems.

Pro tip: If you had essential oils to the foot soak, it can give you better anti-bacterial protection. Ask the salon if they can provide that to you or choose a type of pedicure that includes this.

2. Releases stress

You must gift yourself a pedicure session because you deserve it. If you still haven’t had one, you should do it now. It will relax your body and make your feet happy.

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Most men agree that stress comes from working for long hours, so it isn’t bad to sometimes indulge in a pedicure routine. If your job needs you to be on the run all the time, you will often need a pedicure. Don’t restrain from doing that.

You are probably one of those who do not get time to sit and relax, while someone makes your feet feel the pure bliss of pedicure. Give yourself that experience and you won’t regret it at all.

3. Remove foot odor

Anything stinky is a complete turndown, and your feet are not alien to that. Pedicure is a good way to remove dead skin, bacteria, and dirt. It makes your feet look neat and complete.

Note that during the monsoon and winters, you need to give your feet the extra care. These are the times when your feet stink the most and have bacterial buildup. You can get rid of it with normal wash, but pedicure gives you the boost you actually need.

Also, going through one pedicure process will not take away bad odor from the feet. You need to make it a monthly routine.

4. Prevents ingrown toenails

Men don’t often pay attention to cutting or shaping toenails. But they do realize the pain it brings when they hurt one toe on an edge and regret not cutting their nails on time. You must go through a professional pedicure to make sure the nails are well maintained and cut to the right length. When you assist a foot massage along with it, you actually add more benefits to it and improve the flow of blood.

5. You look good

Women like men who maintain themselves and take pride in how they look. You don’t need to go over-the-top but you need to look decent. Even your career will demand that from you because looking presentable is basic. Men who wear covered shoes and don’t flaunt their feet cannot keep them away from stinking, right? So it is better to indulge in these occasional experiences along with basic regular cleaning.

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