Practical Tips to Avoid Photo Booth Party Fails

No party is ever complete without a photo booth. With friends and family gathered together, what better way to document the memories being made than with a fun, tech-savvy booth? These days, photo booths play an integral part in any event or celebration. From weddings to corporate events, they capture the celebratory moments of people and create memories that last a lifetime.

But what if something went wrong along the way? A tech issue, a no-show, or a huge amount of manual labor that zaps you of your energy? Here are our top ten tips to help you avoid common photo booth party fails!

Purpose and Plan Ahead

First and foremost, it’s crucial to determine the purpose of having a photo booth at the event. It will help you decide the features and budget you’ll need. If you’re hiring a photo booth provider, plan the type of photos you’d like guests to take, along with any specific props or backdrops. You should also schedule the Las Vegas Photo Booth based on the timing of other activities at the event so guests won’t miss out on the fun!

Book Early

It’s best to book the photo booth as far in advance as possible. Dates can fill up quickly, and there’s nothing worse than missing out on your perfect photo booth choice due to a scheduling mishap. Find out how long the company typically needs for set up, and plan accordingly. Ask them to arrive early, so there’s enough time for prepping and testing.

Know Your Requirements

Make sure your photo booth provider knows the venue’s address and any restrictions or demands from the location. Ask how much power/electrical supply is required and what additional materials (props, chairs, etc.) may be needed for the booth. Knowing exactly what you need makes it easier for both you and the provider to stay organized.

Read the Contract

Be sure to read through the contract thoroughly. Double and triple-check to make sure all the information is accurate. Read the details and ask if anything is left ambiguous that you need to clarify with the photo booth provider. Make sure the terms of the agreement, such as the payment due date and any special conditions, are also clear.

Choose the Right Photo Booth Company

When choosing your photo booth provider, reputation and customer satisfaction matter! Be sure to do your research and read reviews before making a decision. Determine which aspects are most important to you regarding service, quality, and cost, and pick the best fit for your occasion.

Test the Technology

Before the event, ensuring the photo booth is up and running is essential. Test all the technology, such as the printer, camera, and computer, and make sure the booth’s design and software work smoothly. If something isn’t working right, contact the provider immediately so they can fix the issue in time for the big day.

Choose Quality Props

Props are a great way to entertain guests and add life to your photos. Make sure to have a variety of props on hand – think festive hats, crazy sunglasses, oversized props, and much more! Also, choose better quality props that are durable and less likely to be damaged rather than opting for cheap props that will break quickly.

Cross Check All Packages

If you’re hiring a photo booth provider, you should inquire about any extra packages or optional services to add to the package. This includes a higher-quality printer, an online gallery for friends and family to view your photos, and more customized backdrops and props. Make sure to cross-check all packages and services to meet all your individual needs.

Check-In with the Provider

Staying in contact with your photo booth provider is key throughout the process. Make sure to keep your provider in the loop on any changes in plans. If the event is getting delayed, contact them right away and adjust the scheduled time to match any new timelines. This will help them stay prepared and organized on the big day.

Be Prepared on The Day

On the event’s day, ensure to arrive early to provide the photo booth provider with all the necessary materials. This includes enough space for the booth, props, a power outlet, and adequate lighting. Double-check your setup with the provider to ensure everything is business as usual.

Don’t let your event with a photo booth be an utter failure! Simply adhere to these tips, and you’ll be assured that your photo booth experience will be successful. With proper planning, preparation and research, you can trust in yourself that there won’t even be a small issue at your photo booth party!

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