React Native: The Best Framework To Choose For MVP Development


In the current scenario of the business ecosystem, organizations are frequently seeking to fullfill the market challenges with the help of mobile applications. Entrepreneurs find it difficult to anticipate which technologies best suit their business model. To have futuristic smooth high, performing applications, you must bear high expenses. 

Therefore, the best way is to have an MVP ( Minimal Viable Product ) that showcases the code ideas of your application. React Native is the best framework for MVP development that saves a lot of time and effort and avoids high investment in development. This blog post will help you understand how React Native can be the best choice for MVP development.

Why MVP Development?

An MVP has limited functionalities that reduce the overall development cost. It always assists in validating the core values of mobile applications by targeting the selected end-users. For the entrepreneur, MVP is the best option available to solve the core purpose, and also it is the shortest and smartest way to execute and achieve the ideas. 

It helps focus more precisely on the functionalities that aim to solve the users’ pain points. For more understanding, let’s understand more key benefits of MVP development.

Key Benefits of MVP Development

  • Reduced development time
  • Highly improved application functionality
  • Best Possible user engagement and experience
  • Reduced development cost
  • Quick market-ready development
  • Improves security of an application
  • Reinforce business goals

Why React Native?

React Native framework is highly preferred by multiple companies for cross-platform mobile app development to have feature-loaded hybrid and native applications. The key tools and features offered by React Native allow strong mobile app development at a minimal price. 

It offers a strong speed, high performance, and market-ready development. React Native is highly compatible with third-party plugin integration, which helps create web applications into mobile applications. Therefore, business owners should hire React Native developer for the best native app development.

Advantages of React Native

  • Modular Architecture
  • Consistent Third-Party Support
  • Best UX and Animation Support
  • Hot Reloading
  • Robust Community Support
  • Flexible Development
  • Cost-Effective
  • Convenient Libraries & Solution

Why React Native For MVP Development?

Code Reusability

React Native framework best suits budget-friendly MVP development as it uses the same iOS and Android operating systems code base. It saves a lot of effort, avoids writing codes separately, and allows using the code written for web development in mobile application development. 


React Native helps develop robust MVP as it has a strong community of developers all over the world, which can be helpful when developing an MVP by avoiding any bottlenecks. React Native has powerful readymade solutions and libraries that assist in MVP development.

On Github, it has community support of 22.2K Folk and 104K Star, which more than 974K users have used. 

Third-Party Plugins

JavaScript modules and Native modules are the two types of third-party plugins that work with React Native. Moreover, you have the flexibility to link plugins with third-party modules. It has a user-friendly UI ( User Interface ) that brings versatility to modify the templates whenever needed. 


React Native is selected for an application’s MVP version as it manages state models and components to create interface and logic. React Native provides a great and user-centric experience in developing mobile applications using React Native. It just not only creates an MVP but also offers scalability in an application by adding additional design and features. Therefore, product owners should choose the best React Native App development company for secure and scalable MVP development. 

Ease In Bug Fixing & Application Testing 

Every MVP product requires testing to clarify how the application is performing. It also requires testing and validating the app from the different users, devices, and screen sizes to check the compatibility of an application. React Native offers the best solution with a single testing code that helps test the whole application in Android and iOS. 

Offers Pre-Built Modules

React Native is open source software development framework that offers open-source libraries. It includes pre-built modules that help speed up application development procedures. For some of the application functions, it provides already written code to boost the development cycle. 

Reduced Development Cost

Whenever business owners are looking for MVP development for their applications, one of the reasons is reduced development cost. Therefore the combination of React Native for MVP product development helps fulfill the required features and ideas that product owners and users look for in an ideal application. 

Top Companies Using React Native For MVP


Every big achievement requires small steps to fullfill the requirements. MVP development is one of them to have a scalable application. Below is an example of the top companies that have used React Native for MVP product development. 


In the initial phase, Instagram had an MVP version, which was only used to allow filter photographs that could be shared with friends. Also, there was a separate codebase for Android and iOS until Facebook acquired it. Facebook has upgraded the overall features, and now React Native works as a backbone of Instagram.


In the starting years, Shopify used to sell online snowboard products. However, today it allows vendors to create their e-commerce platform using the platform offered by Shopify.  In 2020, all the e-commerce platforms were created on Shopify using React Native, which is compatible with offering a single-page code base for various platforms. 


I hope your purpose in landing on this blog post is to understand better why React Native is the best choice for Minimal Valuable Product Development. There is no best alternative than React Native to have scalable, rich, and secure development.

Moreover, you should choose the best React Native development company to have a user-friendly, interactive UI-UX design for your next MVP development project. 

Author Bio:-

Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach, and founder of Bacancy Technology. His entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise, and extensive knowledge in Agile software development services have helped the organization achieve new heights of success. Also, Chandresh is fronting the organization into global markets in a systematic, innovative, and collaborative way to fulfill custom software development needs and provide optimum quality services.


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