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industrial style in interiors

Interior design is complicated and requires involving professionals. If you still think so, you have never tried a room designing app. The Room Planner platform allows you to try multiple layouts, including industrial style in interiors. Users of a room planner can apply furniture from online stores and calculate the cost of reparations. This room design platform can be used by professionals who seek new clients or those who want to create a portfolio of their interior design projects. Users can share photos of their designs on social media and look at multiple works of others. Industrial style is used in the design of warehouses and fabrics. But it is applied to the apartments too. Attributes of the industrial style are created artificially. You can select textures and accessories typical for industrial buildings or lay decorative bricks. 

Industrial style requires redecorating your apartment close to the factory. The furniture must reflect the style too. The Room Planner platform allows you to choose items that fit your room and the type of interior in minimum time. Users can get additional benefits using the PRO version of the app. It gives you more tools for your own project and the ability to pick the finished design for your room from multiple projects of others. The platform is easy to use. It runs well on different operating systems and is fast to install. Create a realistic design and make a virtual tour of your room. 


The Poom Planner allows you to redecorate your room and try new colors or furniture. Users can create different versions of their room interior and try different styles. The best part is that you can see how the furniture from online stores fits in your apartment and calculate the cost of your project. 3D technology allows you to see your room from different sides and get a realistic view. Moreover, this platform runs well on desktop and mobile devices. So, you can create a project anytime, anyplace. 


The progress in modern technology allows us to create interior design projects with minimum effort. Users of the Room Planner app can implement complicated interior design ideas. You can create multiple layouts in the industrial style in the interior. The industrial style appeared in the 90s and is used nowadays widely. Users can get inspiration and check the design of others or try to decorate the room by themselves. The main features of industrial style:

  •  production paraphernalia; 
  • the roughness of textures; 
  • minimalist decor; 
  • exposed wires, valves, pipes, batteries; 
  • surface roughness; 
  • natural colours.

The industrial style is based on the usage of materials and furniture typical for industrial premises. Users of this app can create multiple layouts of their apartment, garage or stores. Create a superb design for your building. If your work is connected to interior design, you can create various projects and share them with others on social media. Designers can easily implement their ideas and seek new clients using this platform. It allows you to try different textures, colors and furniture. Create a design and share photos with your colleagues and friends.

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