Solar Panel Sale: How To Choose the Right Solar Installer

Solar Panel Sale

According to the latest quarterly report from the SEIA, solar panel installations declined by 17% when compared to 2021. Yet, residential installations achieved historic highs, soaring by 43% last year.

This major drive toward solar stems partly from more people discovering its numerous benefits, as well as the rush to implement sustainable energy before potential changes to the net metering rates.

Are you among those homeowners who are searching for solar panels for sale so you can get on board with this clean, cheap energy? Keep reading for a few tips to help you find the best solar installer.

Ask for Recommendations

Do you know someone who has recently been singing the praises of their solar panel installation? Ask them to share their installers’ contact details.

You can also ask neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues if they can recommend a reputable solar company in your area.

Getting first-hand information from a trusted source is a good start to your solar panel installation inquiries, but you should still dig a little deeper to find your perfect fit.

Try an Online Search

The internet is an excellent resource for completing your shortlist of solar panel installers. Get started with a simple search for ”solar installers near me”.

This will reveal all the solar companies closest to your location. Make a list of all these so you can continue your research in earnest.

If possible, you should try to work with a local installer as these professionals have good knowledge of the climate in your area.

They’ll know best how to maximize the daylight hours for solar generation and can also assist you with the permitting process for your installation.

Visit each of these local installers’ websites for more information on things like:

  • Contact details and address
  • Services offered
  • Solar installer fees
  • Product range
  • Information about financing your installation

According to this helpful blog, some installers even offer ongoing services like solar panel cleaning.

A user-friendly website with a professional design is a sign that the company wants to create a good impression and hints at their willingness to please. Well-presented websites often go hand-in-hand with high service standards and good-quality workmanship.

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The best solar installers’ websites also offer extra advice and information in the form of blogs, landing pages, and articles.

Study Online Reviews

Come solar panel company websites may feature reviews and recommendations from previous clients. You can also look up customer feedback on independent review sites.

If you see many negative reviews associated with an installer, you should view this as a red flag, and remove this company from your list.

Don’t let one or two negative comments put you off using a solar company. Rather focus on how they handle these issues and whether they resolve them satisfactorily.

Investigate Solar Installer Credentials

Although solar panels are a straightforward technology, you should only ever hire a qualified installer to work on your system.

Solar installers require a license to operate their businesses and must undergo ongoing training to maintain their qualifications.

These measures also ensure the installers are up to speed with the latest, most efficient solar technologies.

Solar tech is advancing rapidly, especially regarding efficiency and affordability. So, it follows that a well-informed installer can get you the best bang for your buck.

Experience is the next thing to look for on a solar installer’s resume. The longer they’ve been in the industry, the better they’re able to anticipate problems and maximize solar savings for your household.

These installers can call on their experiences with a host of previous clients to provide helpful tips for maximizing your solar panel layout and saving on electricity costs.

Energy-saving tips, like installing LED lights and gas appliances, help reduce your home’s electricity needs so you need fewer solar panels.

Interview Shortlisted Solar Installers

Your online research should provide you with a solid list of solar installer options. Call these companies and ask to meet with a representative to discuss your solar installation needs.

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During this interaction you’ll gain a good sense of their service levels and whether you feel comfortable working with them. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions, like:

  • Who will visit my home during the installation?
  • Will there be a supervisor in attendance?
  • What are your employee vetting procedures?
  • Can you assist me with getting the necessary permits?
  • May I see your licensing documents?
  • Do you carry third-party insurance?
  • May I see some customer references?
  • How does payment work?

Once you’re satisfied with your findings, you can ask the solar companies to put together an estimate for installing solar panels at your home.

They must carry out an on-site inspection to provide an accurate cost estimate. Don’t settle for anything less.

During this visit, they can assess your electricity requirements, as well as your roof’s layout, condition, and location. All these factors impact the number and type of solar panels you need.

Compare Costs of Solar Panels for Sale

You must compare at least three solar panel cost estimates before you hire a solar installer.

Don’t simply pick the lowest price. This may indicate less efficient panels.

The most powerful and efficient solar panels always cost more. They also generate more electricity leading to enhanced savings.

Many solar manufacturers offer long warranties on their equipment, sometimes up to 20 years. Some installers also offer a guarantee on their workmanship.

That’s because solar panels are durable and long-lasting.

Maximize the Benefits of Solar Power

Once you’ve determined the best company with solar panels for sale in your area, you’re on track to join the millions already benefitting from sustainable energy.

Not only will a solar installation save you money and increase the value of your home, but it also contributes toward combating global warming.

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