The Best Types of Tools for B2B Marketers

The Best Types of Tools for B2B Marketers

You can argue that the need to sell products or services is one of the basic cores of any business. After all, without this, there is no income. Sadly, without no money, you cannot run your business forever. To do this, however, you need to dabble a little into marketing. And depending on your marketing skills, you will be able to sell your products and services.

But marketing, as a whole, is a huge field. This is why there are so many studies, as well as guides and tips on how to do it correctly. However, everyone agrees that it requires amazing relationship with your buyers and customers. B2B is special in this regard, because your clients are regular people – they are companies and businesses. So, to approach them better and sell your products more successfully, you need to tailor your marketing strategy in a different way. Today, we take a look at some of the best types of tools that can help you in this regard.

What is B2B marketing?

To examine just what it is that you will need to advertise and sell your products and services to businesses, we should first take a short look at what B2B marketing actually is. As the name suggests, it is the way to market your products to other businesses (B2B stands for Business TO Business). This is not your standard Business to Customer thing – there are some finesse that apply here!

For example, the information you present to companies needs to be more thorough and more straightforward. Remember – businesses are interested in their bottom-line revenue. Their main priority is return of investment – in a much more direct meaning than it would be with the regular customers.

Because of this, you will usually present your product to buying committees, which will consist of various key stakeholders in the company. These are the people who decide where the money should go. Presenting to them the information you want can be tough, but luckily, you are not alone! There are many types of tools for B2B marketers that you can use that will help you reach them and personalize the information you are presenting in a more organic way. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top five types of these tools!

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2. Project management tools will get you running

The first type of tools you need are the ones that will help you run and manage your projects the best. Simply put – you cannot do anything without a product to sell – and these tools will have you create the best product you can!

And if you want a perfect project management tool, then you cannot go wrong with Nifty, a powerful Asana alternative! It is a central hub that will make everything easy – from creating your timelines to communicating with the team and clients both! It will put a new spin on the word teamwork by creating a place where you can focus on collaborating with the members of your project and create meaningful discussions. Then, you can track your milestones and visually follow your project development.

But this is not all that Nifty offers! On the platform, you can create specific tasks and divide them into smaller steps. This way, everyone will be clear on your big goal – as well as what they need to do. It will also help you maintain an organized workflow by making dealing with your files and documents easy. Finally, you can track your time logs as well as how everyone is doing clearly and efficiently!

2. Email outreach is just as important!

Another important types of tools for B2B marketers are those that help with your email outreach – and there is no better one than MixMax! This app makes doing business with you a pleasure, by giving you the power of personalized communication.

This smart messaging tool will help you get more replies and arrange more meeting for your business. The customers will also get a better experience when contacting you, which is always a huge bonus for any company! Finally, MixMax goes a long way in increasing your team engagement as well! This all leads to your sales performance skyrocketing and your busy workflows finally getting the automatization they always needed!

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3. Conversion rate optimization are another one of the best types of tools for B2B marketers

When you are selling a product, one of the most important pieces of information you will work with is who your users are. Understanding them better means being able to sell your product faster, as well as creating a product (or a service) that your customers want and need!

HotJar gives you this in a fast and visual way! With this tool, you will have everything you need and more! It gives you the insights to create the changes in your conversion rate optimization that will benefit your business! Their heatmaps visually represent all the clicks, taps and scrolling behavior of your visitors, so you can identify any issues that they might run into. What’s more, you can get the overview of which page makes them leave your site – and change it accordingly!

4. Metrics and analysis are not fun – but they are necessary!

The final thing that all businesses need are the metrics and the analysis of their growth. Following exactly how you are developing your business, as well as planning ahead for any bumps that might occur, is an important step in making sure you don’t go bankrupt. However, these are also some of the most important types of tools for B2B marketers as well!

The forerunner in helping you grow your business in the right way is Baremetrics. They give you both metrics, dunning as well as engagement tools for both your SaaS and subscription businesses. With personalized charts, you can address any issues you have, or follow any business trend in your company that might interest you. What’s more, Baremetrics can help you organize your customers into various groups, based on a huge variety of criteria.

Also, you can track your growth through your segments. This way, you have access to simple health checks that will point in you in the direction of growing your business. You can do this by seeing just how different groups of customers perform, and what the prediction for their growth is.

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