The bedroom isthe most intimate area of any house. It is your haven where you relax after a long and tiring day at work. The sight of a clean, Bedroom Organization and storage is enough to lift your spirit. Unfortunately, homes in the city are small, and a tight bedroom means limited space. That’s why you have to think of creative ways to make a place for all your belongings. A cluttered bedroom is very unappealing and depressing.Therefore regular in-depth maintenance and decluttering are vital for a well-kept bedroom.

The following are the top six hacks for Bedroom Organization and storage:

  1. Utilize The Space Beneath The Bed

Remember your college days? You had to live in a shared dorm space. A smart storage idea that has helped generations of college students is using the area beneath the bed. There are several ways to do so. Use bed risers to lift your bed and slide the under-the-bed storage boxes to store some of the stuff. You can also look into getting a savvy storage platform. It sits under the mattress and can lift without much difficulty. You can use the space to store sweaters and seasonal items that you don’t use very often.

  1. Declutter

The golden rule of decluttering is to sort. Start by segregating and decluttering your clothing items into categories. Keep, store, or donate. This way, you will know you will understand what to place inside the closet and what to store or let go. You can keep the ones you plan on storing beneath your bed or on the upper shelves of the wardrobe. But if you don’t have enough space there, you can rent a storage unit to keep them safe until you need them back. Search online for storage near me to learn about the available options near your area. That way, you can score the best deals on storage units for your belongings.

  1. Install Tension Rods
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Utilizing the wall space around your bedroom is a great bedroom organization hack. When you own lots of shoes, keeping them on the floor is not a good idea. They pose asignificant risk by getting in the way. You can installsome tension rods in a corner to create a shoe rack.Hang them up vertically for clear visibility and convenience.

You can also use the tension rodsfor storing your clothes.Install them along the walls and use S-shaped hooks to hang your clothes. Want to do it in style? Do this on your bedroomwall. The colorful hangingclothes make up for a stylish headboard.

  1. Get A Corner Rack

Corner racks are both beautiful and space-saving.They are excellent for organizing a bedroom. We all are in the habit of dumping our clotheson the chair. But with a corner rack installed, you can startusing the chair for its actual purpose. Heaps of clothes resting on a chair are downright unsightly. Improve the look of your bedroomand get one today. You can mount the rack in an unused yet visible corner and place your favorite go-toclothes on it. Having them in plain sight allows you tograb them when needed. And it also allows you to display your favorite articles with pride.

  1. Use Storage Cubes

The idea initially started from IKEA.But now, storage cubes are commonly available across Amazon and Target at affordable prices.Although you can use them in any room, they arebeneficial for organizing your bedroom. Place one beside your bed to act as a nightstand. Top it with a lamp. You can also arrangea couple of these to act as a table.

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What’s more?Arrange them around your closet for added storage space. All these are good ideas for organizing your bedroom and closet. But, the best way to use them is to make an entire bed out of them. Top them with a mattress, and you have an ideal place for both rest and storage.

  1. Install Layered Shelving

When you are short on storage, you have to think outside the box. By layering the shelves upon one another, can you create a functional storage space for yourself? Yes, choose a wall and install floatingshelves one upon another while leaving enough space in between. Use this DIY shelf to place your books and accessories. What’s more? Instead of talking up an entire, you can stretch it along the bedroom perimeter for a uniform effect. Install them high towards the ceiling to make your bedroom less crowded.


With proper planning and a checklist, you can easily create plenty of efficiently bedroom organization and storage. Even if you are on a budget, the above mentioned DIY hacks can help you meet your desired goals. They are all affordable yet very stylish. Put your thinking cap on and get creative with organizing your bedroom!

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