Top Tips on Choosing the Right Laminate Flooring Color

Flooring Color

Picking laminate planks for your home flooring is a great choice that offers plenty of advantages. It’s especially great for those with DIY aspirations, as laminate floor installation is a lot more doable compared to installing hardwood floors. There’s always an easy way to cut laminate flooring with the right tools, and the click-and lock installation is simple enough.

Laminate flooring has also come a long way in regards to durability and water-resistance, and lots of premium brands now offer warranties for 20 years or even a lifetime. The contemporary prints for laminate planks are truly gorgeous, but that leads us to another issue.

How do you pick the right colors for your laminate planks? 

It’s true that it always boils down to your own personal preferences. It’s your house, and your room. But you should also factor in the style and interior design of the room, so that you get a nice cohesive sense of style for the room.

Here are some tips that may help you pick the right colors for your laminate flooring:

  1. Light colors are good if you’re looking for a more soothing and calming vibe. Light colors for laminate flooring feels simply more organic and natural, which makes these colors more relaxing.

2. If you want a room to exude a more classic style that hints of affluence, then darker colors are a way to go. The darker color tends to accentuate classy furniture more effectively. Also, more people just associate dark hardwood colors with elegance.

3. Darker colors are also better if you have a mish mash of styles in the room. When you have different colors, materials, and styles showing in a room, having lighter colors for your flooring just makes everything look like a mess. But with a darker color, the flooring offers sufficient contrast so that everything ties together nicely.

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4. Do you have a minimalist room? That means the room might seem too bare, with just a chair or a table inside, and without too much wall decoration. It is this kind of room that’s meant to show off the floor, so you can go wild with your color choices.

5. If you’re looking for flooring for a man-cave or a playroom, then colorful laminate planks also work. The wild colors denote energy and movement, which are suitable for these playing rooms. But they can also work for rooms where there are lots of activities, like the kitchen or a home gym.

6. Darker colors are better for rooms with only a few pieces of furniture (even if there are more of these furniture pieces to qualify the room as “minimalist”). This is especially true when it’s a large room but with little inside. The dark color can make it feel cozier. In contrast, when the room is huge and with just a few pieces of furniture inside, the lighter colors can just emphasize the bareness of the room.

7. But lighter colors make smaller spaces feel bigger. Use the light colors for small rooms so people don’t feel as restricted in the room.

8. Do you have lots of wooden furniture in the room? Using laminate flooring may be a good match, since laminate planks can look like any kind of hardwood you might prefer. But don’t get colors for the flooring that match the furniture. That just looks boring and flat. Instead, go with a contrasting color (whether light or dark) that shows off the wooden furniture more effectively.

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9. If you have simple furniture pieces with a minimalist vibe, try rustic colors for your flooring, with a lighter or darker color to contrast nicely with the furniture.

10. Do you want a more casual vibe? In general, lighter colors can give you this feeling. Whitewashed finishes even give you a sense that you’re in a beach house.

11. On the other hand, the darker colors are more traditional, and offer a sense of elegance. To that effect, go with dark oak wood or cherry colors. These color options just ooze age and class.

12. How much natural light does your room get? If it doesn’t get all that much natural light, then go with lighter colors. If you go with the dark colors, the room just feel darker and gloomier.

13. But if the room gets a lot of natural light, the lighter colors for the laminate flooring just don’t work. The light colors may just look too washed out. Instead, go with the dark colors to balance things out.

14. You may want to go with a contrasting color for the floor, compared to the color of the walls. When you have dark walls, having a dark floor is just too much. The same goes when you have a light-colored wall and a light-colored laminate floor as well.

Here’s hoping these tips lead you to the laminate flooring colors that work best for your home!





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