Top Tips To Keep Your Family Dog Relaxed & Calm

If you were not aware of it before now then you should know that your dog gets stressed out the same as you every single day. Many dogs play off their owners and so if you are upset and stressed out then it’s very likely that your dog will be as well. It is then your job as the owner to put things into place that will help to calm and relax your dog. There are also particular times of the year when our dogs get particularly upset and Halloween and New Year are two such occasions.

On both these occasions, local kids and adults will buy fireworks and release them into the night sky. The unfortunate thing is that dogs are terrified of these things and they will run and hide trying to get away from the loud noise. Try to keep your dog inside at all times during these particular times of the year and you can get dog anxiety medication over the counter in Australia. This will help to calm your pet down so that it is more easily able to handle these difficult circumstances. The following are just some other top tips that can help you to keep your family dog relaxed and calm.

  • Give your dog physical affection – There is nothing more calming than the touch of their owner and if you find that your dog is experiencing stress and anxiety then the best thing that you can do is to hold them, stroke them and let them know that they are loved.
  • Provide a safe environment – Dogs get particularly upset when they hear loud noises like thunder or fireworks and because they hear a lot more than we do they are more sensitive to these noises. It might be an idea to put your dog’s basket at the back of the house where there is less noise.
  • Provide lots of exercises – Many dogs get stressed out because they are sitting or lying around all day doing nothing. If you’re going for a run to keep yourself fit then take your dog with you and they will love you for it. Your dog has a lot of energy that it needs to release and you do not want your pet biting someone in frustration.

Hopefully, these three tips can help you to provide a safe and calming environment for your family dog.

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